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The making of SyncEV – what are the future plans? | BG Electrical

Following the recent acquisition of SyncEV by Luceco Group, Ben Coombes, EVCP Installation Director at Luceco Group and one of the founders of SyncEV, discusses how SyncEV started and future plans for the brand.

SyncEV’s roots date back to 2016, when founders, Ben Coombes and Paul Delahey were installing EV chargers as part of a government scheme, supporting homeowners in installing electric vehicle charge points in their homes. This scheme allowed installers to claim a £1,000 grant for each installation, with SyncEV being the 247th company to register for the scheme: with the list since growing to over 8,000 installers.

Even with a reduction in this government grant, the demand for these systems continued to grow. Through the many installations of common brands available at the time, the small SyncEV team developed a very detailed understanding of EV chargers. It soon became apparent that there was much room for improvement with the existing solutions available on the market. Each charger had its drawbacks, and many were difficult to install, creating issues for installers and homeowners alike.

Equipped with his extensive knowledge and engagement with key stakeholders in the EV charging industry, Paul began to design and build a new EV charger. The aim was to create a solution designed by installers, for installers, ensuring the installation process and technical support were the best in class.

After a number of prototypes and several design changes, the company’s EV charging system was launched to market in December 2019. The product was one of the smallest EV chargers available and included smart capability through a mobile app. Furthermore, it was backed up with market-leading technical support for both the installer and end-user. Bringing all these factors together undoubtedly contributed to the strong demand for EV charging solutions.


SyncEV’s potential was clear to see, leading to the acquisition of the company by Luceco Group in March 2022. Luceco Group has a large market share of UK residential electrical products. Replicating this share within the rapidly growing residential EV charging category, as well as the opportunity to explore new sales channels in both the UK and overseas, will provide huge growth potential for the group.

The SyncEV business will be integrated into Luceco Group’s sales and distribution operations based in Telford. The management team will remain heavily involved in the business and future product development. Now that Luceco Group has taken control of the business, the SyncEV team hopes to guide and lead the Luceco Group to even more success.

SyncEV will be positioned under the BG Electrical brand and will complement key electrical products within the BG Electrical family. For the contractor, this means the acquisition will enable them to choose even more solutions from a brand they know, trust and are confident in installing.

The range

The SyncEV by BG Electrical range of 7.4kw residential and commercial EV chargers was launched to the market in June.

This comprehensive range includes five models in total – three socket and two tethered – available in a combination of WiFi, WiFi/GSM, and WiFi/GSM and RFID options. These all offer their own benefits; the WiFi/GSM option allows installation anywhere, while the RFID provides the facility to set up contactless payment options in commercial environments. The range will charge any electric or hybrid vehicle.

The new models retain the smart functionality SyncEV is known for and are controlled through the SyncEV BG app. In addition, the charger includes a load management kit to allow for dynamic charging, ensuring the home electrical system is not overloaded, and car charging is reduced until other devices are turned off.

Other key benefits include the solution’s integrated open PEN conductor protection. This removes the need to install earth rods, which in turn reduces the complexity of the installation, saving time. Integrated RCD and PEN protection is included in the unit to ensure safe installation and use. Overall, the design and easy installation features mean fitting the charger typically takes just two hours.

Adding extra peace of mind, the chargers are all backed up by market-leading, UK-based technical and sales support. Furthermore, products are supplied with a 3-year warranty.

With the joining of these two companies, the future for EV charging looks brighter than ever. Bringing together SyncEV’s product and technical expertise, with the backing of a large manufacturer in the electrical market, will provide a market-leading offer and additional choice for EV installers.

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