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The sun might be shining now (at least some of the time!) so wholesalers might not be thinking of ordering heating, but now is actually, exactly, the right time. With the unpredictable nature of the British weather, coupled with the fact that summertime is a popular time to refurbish a bathroom, it’s clear that there is always a need to stock heating options. Stephen Totman, Product Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia, explains more.

Stephen Totman

Electric heating has come a long way in recent years. It’s undergone a transformation as manufacturers have been developing advanced systems that meet the comfort needs of households. Nowadays there are a range of flexible, efficient and affordable options for electric heating that offer electrical wholesalers the opportunity to provide heating that is convenient and quick to install.

Furthermore, with the rise in ‘green’ electricity and an increasing awareness of the environmental downfalls of oil and gas boilers, electric heating is set to become increasingly popular.

Electric heating has many selling points as it offers an affordable heating solution for homeowners with low capital and installation costs. It quickly warms a room and is ideal for bathrooms, extensions, conservatories and summer houses and is simpler, and cleaner to install than adding on to an existing mains heating system.

The latest products also have unrivalled controls, ensuring they are more energy efficient than ever before. Electric heating also allows households the option to have stand alone heaters for occasional heating or to only turn on specific heaters, e.g. a towel rail, without turning on the central heating system.

Always ready

The British weather is always unpredictable. The heatwave of the Easter weekend was quickly followed by unseasonably low temperatures at the start of May with hail and even snow in some areas. When the temperature begins to fall, whatever the season, occasional heating is always needed and so it’s better to be prepared and have sufficient stock in now rather than waiting for a cold snap to be forecast and risking not being able to meet demand. Wholesalers don’t want stocking issues that mean electricians go elsewhere for their convector heaters, losing valuable business, not just on heating but potentially for other business too.

For occasional use, such as during a cold snap or when only a single room needs to be warmed, portable convector heaters are the ideal solution for providing a heating boost around the home or workplace as well as for warming up summer houses etc.

The latest convection heaters offer multiple heat settings and thermostatic control for added comfort and are lightweight, making them easy to move around to where they are needed. For example, Vent-Axia’s Convector Heater offers silent operation with three heat outputs; 0.75, 1.25 and 2kW, and thermostatic control. It also features a thermal cut-out feature to prevent overheating and there is the option of 24-hour timer control.

Convector Heater

Toasty towels

In the UK, consumers spend, on average, about £4,500 on a new bathroom, with many bathroom refurbishments taking place in the summer when occupiers are on holiday. This is far more convenient for households since it avoids the issue of not having use of a bathroom while the work is being done. Space saving and multifunctional bathroom items are on trend right now, especially in ever-shrinking urban dwellings as demand for homes continues to grow. Fitting both these criteria, the heated towel rail is a vital addition to any bathroom.


Towel rails used to be marketed for their aesthetics rather than efficiency, but the next generation of heated towel rails now quickly and efficiently warm and dry towels while adding to the overall style, temperature and comfort of a room.

For instance, Vent-Axia’s range of towel rails features high quality white or chrome finishes with ten different models, split into flat, curved, and designer styles, allowing households to choose exactly the right towel rail for their bathroom. But it is control that is central to the range, with the series featuring an optional advanced controller offering five heat outputs.

Providing an eco-mode ideal for use when drying towels to ensure minimal energy use, the controller turns the rail on full power for 30 minutes and then reduces the output to the user setting for a further 90 minutes, before turning the towel rail off. Households therefore have warm, dry towels without wasting energy, bringing greater comfort to the towel user and to the room.

Modern electric heating offers the ideal solution for both occasional and bathroom heating thanks to its compact size, portability, efficiency, clever control and fast response.

Electrical wholesalers who embrace modern electric heating can offer affordable, flexible and efficient heating options to keep households warm and comfortable year round. And by preparing for the cooler months, as well as for any unexpected cold spells, wholesalers who are stocking electric heating options now are set to be able to meet customer demand and avoid any stocking issues as well.

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