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Super Rod: Smart combination inspection camera & cable pulling tool

Super Rod has launched the Ferret WiFi, offering UK installers the chance to get their hands on the multipurpose wireless inspection and cable pulling tool.

Designed by award-winning, New Zealand tech company The Cable Ferret, the Ferret WiFi uses the latest electronics technology to stream high resolution video to a smart device in real time. The camera has six adjustable, bright, white LEDs on the front to provide crisp, clear 720p images, even in complete darkness.

The product is used in connection with a free Android or iOS app, which allows installers to save their videos and photos directly onto their smart device.

Other handy features include an IP67 rated camera, a built in WiFi hotspot and a wireless range of up to 12m. It also comes with a range of accessories, including a camera gooseneck to allow installers to point the camera in any direction, and a short rod for the front of the camera which can be paired with either a hook or strong magnet for cable or tool retrieval.

The kit also comes with thread adaptors, to ensure it’s compatible with other cable and glow rods, including Super Rod products.

Each kit includes a USB Type-C battery charge cable, camera thread adaptors, camera gooseneck, short rod/hook/magnet and instruction manual, all provided in a compact EVA case.


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