Home Opinion Steve Dunning explains how wholesalers can help their customers stay safe around electricity | Martindale Electric

Steve Dunning explains how wholesalers can help their customers stay safe around electricity | Martindale Electric

Steve Dunning, Managing Director of Martindale Electric, explains how wholesalers can help their customers stay safe around electricity.

A few years ago, Martindale Electric launched the ALIVE campaign, a memorable safe isolation procedure to help reduce electricity-related injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

In creating our “ALIVE” message, we distinguish between good working practice (to complement our complete 12 step approach) and the five vital steps that absolutely must be carried out for your own protection and to prevent loss of life.

ALIVE stands for:

  • Approved kit – Before starting, make sure your equipment meets all legal safety standards (BS EN61243-3).
  • Lock out – Identify the point of isolation, lock it off and place warning tags onto the equipment.
  • Initial Prove – Test your Voltage Indicator (VI) against the proving unit to make sure it is working properly.
  • Voltage test – Use your VI to confirm dangerous voltage levels are not in the circuit you are about to work on.
  • Ensure – Prove and retest the VI against the proving unit to ensure it is functioning before working on the circuit.

For electrical wholesalers, stocking a good range of safety equipment and safety accessories, such as Lock Off kits and Proving Devices alongside standard electrical test equipment, helps customers stay safe and adhere to the ALIVE message.

The heart of the ALIVE campaign is the use of proving devices, which play a pivotal role in the safety process. These devices are essential in validating the functionality of voltage indicators, test lamps and meters. By using a suitable proving device both before and after using these instruments, electricians ensure that they are working correctly, complying with the stringent Electricity at Work Regulations.

Plus four

Martindale Electric has introduced four new proving units to its range, designed to streamline the safety verification process for electrical professionals. The new Proving Units – PD230SRD, PD440SRD, PD440SRDX, and PD690SRD – are fast and easy to use, offering instant test voltage for both high and low impedance voltage indicators, test lamps and meters.

One of the key features of these proving units is their versatility. They provide AC/DC output, which can be easily selected via a push-button switch, and offer stepped voltage outputs that match two-pole tester thresholds. This flexibility is essential, as it allows electricians to match the proving unit’s output voltage with the voltage range of the instrument being tested. To further simplify coordination, the proving units are colour-coded to match Martindale voltage indicators, making it easy for professionals to identify the right equipment for the job.

Among the new proving units, the PD440SRDX stands out with its unique CALCHECK feature. This feature simplifies the verification of insulation and low resistance ranges on 18th Edition multifunction testers, a critical step in ensuring the reliability of these testers. The CALCHECK function is particularly valuable for identifying potential calibration issues with multifunction testers, before certifying new wiring installations or conducting condition reports. It’s also a procedure recognised by electrical contractor assessment bodies.

Additionally, all the new SRD and SRDX models feature stepped voltage LEDs with thresholds that align with most voltage indicators and two-pole testers. This alignment ensures precision and accuracy in testing, a vital aspect of electrical safety.

While the PD440SRDX and other advanced models cater to specific needs, Martindale Electric also recognises the importance of simplicity for all electrical contractors. Hence, the introduction of the PD230SRD and the more advanced PD440SRDX.

The PD230SRD Proving Unit serves as the ideal entry-level proving device, facilitating the checking of basic voltage indicators. It is perfect for proving both low and high impedance voltage indicators, test lamps and two-pole testers. With its MG3 high-strength magnetic hanger and robust over-moulded, low profile design, it is convenient and durable. The unit boasts a long battery life, complete with a low battery indicator and an auto power-off function.

For those requiring a higher voltage output of up to 440V and additional testing features, the PD440SRDX is the go-to option. This model, while still user-friendly, provides more versatility for working with 18th Edition installation testers. Its precise, stepped voltage outputs are tailored to match two-pole tester thresholds, making it indispensable for electrical contractors.

For more information on Martindale Electric’s proving devices, click here

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