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Spring into Jefferson Tools’ seasonal Tool Up offers

Celebrating the end of yet another cold and dark winter, Jefferson Tools is giving its friends in the construction, engineering, automotive, and agriculture sectors reason to celebrate, thanks to a range Spring special offers.

The latest Tool-Up promotion includes 22 hand-picked hand tools offers, eight automotive and workshop bargains, and nine breath-taking air tool deals. Here’s a glimpse at what’s new in the Tool-Up flyer.

The ultimate industrial bundle

Prepare to be astonished by Jefferson Tools’ most expansive bundle yet – a warehouse starter kit. It’s packed with essentials that make it the biggest Tool Up offer ever. This turnkey solution features an 8 inch Swivel Head Bandsaw and a powerful 1,100W Pillar Drill for precise cutting and drilling. It also includes an 8 inch Industrial Bench Grinder for effective material removal and sharpening tasks. To further enhance your work environment and efficiency, the kit comes with complimentary items: a Small Anti-Fatigue Mat for increased comfort during long working hours, a Weldon Magnetic Drill Bit Holder with Morse 3 Taper (MT3) for secure and convenient drill bit changes, and 2 x 200 x 25mm Wire Wheel Brushes for cleaning and surface preparation tasks. Each component of this starter kit has been carefully selected to provide a comprehensive solution for upgrading your workshop.

Going up in the world

Elevating professional capabilities is much easier with Fiberglass Multipurpose Ladder, the tradesman’s dream for versatile and secure elevation. Designed to be easily repositioned and steadfast in stability, it’s an indispensable ally for every electrician. Seize the deal: a 4 Tread Fibreglass Multi-Purpose Ladder complemented by a free 300mm Wide Fibreglass Platform.

Smart lighting solutions  

With a focus on efficiency and precision Jefferson Tools presents its smart lighting solutions. This compact 300-lumen torch kit work light, designed for personal use, emits a neutral white light through its modern COB LED. Durable, fully rechargeable, and tailored for quick tasks and emergencies, this pocket-sized solution ensures reliability. Additionally, the Dual COB LED and Spotlight combo, featuring a floodlight function with a 220-degree rotation, boasts an IPX-4 durability rating. Its power bank capability and versatile working modes make it a great choice for extensive area illumination. As spring ushers in a season of growth and renewal, Jefferson Tools stands ready to provide its partners with the tools necessary for their business to blossom. This offer is a promise to deliver not just tools, but confidence and reliability in every product.

Explore the full potential of this season’s Tool Up offers here

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