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Smart controls in ‘homes of the future’

Mark Booth, Managing Director at Gira UK, gives PEW the lowdown on the ‘homes of the future’, so you know how to navigate the market in the coming years.

Gira describes its work as setting design and function trends to succeed pioneering work, innovative solutions and noteworthy applications. It has established itself as an award-winning innovator in the field of perceptive ‘Intelligent Building Technology’ and specification.

In terms of the ‘home of the future’, new smart solutions are now being promoted as the next breakthrough technology for home convenience and with technology like KNX (a system allowing all home automation technology to work together), we can deliver a truly connected building where all building services operate as a single control technology. We specialise in this field, adding extra connectivity within a building’s environment which can include access control, alarm systems and multi-room audio entertainment.

Future market
If we consider the market 40 years from now, then I can imagine the remote control smart home will become everyday. Modern buildings are already being designed with highly intuitive and intelligent systems that are creating a working brain within the home that convenes to your lifestyle, personal preferences and daily routine.

With that, premium tech manufacturers are now expanding their horizons further and are exploring health and wellbeing alongside home convenience and security. For instance, imagine a world where your home monitors your health and alerts you when something’s wrong? This technology is already here, it is just a question of creating awareness so we can generate both a need and demand. As a wholesaler, you play a vital role in the supply chain by educating the electrician on what the latest trends and technologies are in the market.

Sleep disorders are also going to be catered for, seeing special rooms being designed in the home with sensory deprivation combined with future medical technology. This type of smart home solution is incredibly revolutionary, using personalised medication that targets your body to ensure sound sleep every night.

Smart home trends
First and foremost ‘smart home trends’ primarily focus on utility, offering homeowners self-serving technology like personal communication systems, lighting, heating, security and blind control schemes. This also covers simple functions like turning on the oven remotely, checking the temperature of your refrigerator or starting the laundry before you get home.

Pre-programmed devices are already gaining momentum but if we consider future home entertainment then we predict a combination of augmented reality, virtual reality and mediated reality will infiltrate the home. Making home entertainment more interactive than ever, this type of technology will continue to span throughout the home and most definitely, enhance future intelligent build technologies and solutions for the better.

For more information on home automation technology and what Gira has to offer, visit: www.gira.com/en_GB

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