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Electric heating – what’s hot right now?

Demand for electric heating is on the rise. The next generation of electric heaters are smaller, more intelligent, have better controls and are more energy efficient than ever before. Add this up and electric heating is a sound choice for wholesalers to offer their customers. Stephen Totman, Product Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia, explains more.

The advances in electric heating are being driven by a combination of legislation, a greater availability of ‘green’ electricity and consumer demand for a flexible, cost-effective heating solution for those on and off the gas grid.

With the longer-term trend for lower carbon products as we decarbonise the grid, and legislation such as Lot 20 driving a continued reduction in energy efficiency requirements for heating, the demand for electric heating will only continue to grow. With a greater choice of CO neutral ‘green energy’, the option of changing from gas as a primary heating source is also on the rise. In addition, as homes become more thermally efficient there is a lower heat demand to achieve comfort levels for households. This means that smaller units can be installed, resulting in greater demand for more compact, efficient electrical heating. For wholesalers, electric heating is a good business opportunity.

Electric heating already has many recognised benefits. It quickly warms a room and has low capital and installation costs. Flexibility is another great selling point as heaters can be installed as stand-alone or as larger systems, with additional units able to be added later on if needed. Electric heaters can be installed in minutes rather than days with little installation disruption since they don’t require the pipework needed by wet systems, freeing up installers’ time for further work and increasing sales options for wholesalers.

What’s current?

Opal aluminium radiators

This next generation of advanced electric heaters offer even more benefits. Smaller, more intelligent and with better controls, they are more energy efficient than ever before and incorporate highly sensitive, integral thermostatic controls. Vent-Axia’s range of energy efficient Opal Aluminium Radiators are slim and stylish in design and offer controllable comfort with seven pre-set lifestyle heat schedules. Ideal for new build and refurbishment projects, the Opal range features on-board energy monitors that show how much energy is being used to heat a room, enabling informed decisions on thermal comfort. It includes sensitive, silent operating, digitally controlled thermostats, reducing temperature overrun and further minimising energy consumption of the heaters.

● Heated towel rails

Towel rails used to be marketed for their aesthetics rather than efficiency but the next generation of heated towel rails now quickly and efficiently warm and dry towels while adding to the overall style, temperature and comfort of a room. For instance, Vent-Axia’s range of towel rails features high quality white or chrome finishes with ten different models, split into flat, curved and designer styles. But again it is control that is central to the range, with the series featuring an optional advanced controller offering five heat outputs. Providing an eco-mode ideal for use when drying towels to ensure minimal energy use, the controller turns the rail on full power for 30 minutes and then reduces the output to the user setting for a further 90 minutes, before turning the towel rail off.


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