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Signify launches its Ultra Efficient range of LED lighting solutions

Signify has launched its Ultra Efficient product lineup featuring its most energy-efficient LED lighting solutions to date.

The products launched include a range of A-class MASTER LEDbulbs and MASTER LEDtubes. The Ultra Efficient product line up is top of the class in relation to the stricter energy labelling under the Ecodesign Regulation, and the Energy Labelling Regulation, which have recently come into play.

Thanks to this technological breakthrough, the new products are the first in a range of new Philips lighting, meeting the highest level in the new energy labelling legislation. Also, with energy savings of up to 60% compared with standard LED lamps and up to 3.5x longer lifetime, the Ultra Efficiency range is the perfect choice to help customers tackle the mounting pressure to lower carbon footprint in the global energy crisis.

With the previous energy labelling, just 120lm/W would achieve A++ efficiency. Under the new ratings, 120/lm would achieve an E-rating. For an A-class rating under the new regulations, lighting products must reach an energy efficiency of 210lm/W.

Signify has developed and designed a range of lamps that meet these criteria, meaning they consume 60% less power to achieve the same light output as standard LED lighting. The Ultra-Efficient range are more cost-effective in the long run, thanks to their lower energy consumption and longer lifetime.

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