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Self sell with Unilite

The success of branches sales can be bolstered by stocking just a few additional lines that will sell themselves. The latest range of Unilite work lights can offer a clear differentiation to comparable models on the market. Here, Unilite lays out some of the features of its new range that are designed to get the boxes shifting themselves.

There are three new work lights which are the: SLR-500, SLR-1000 and SLR-1750. Their model numbers relate to their ‘Lumen’ output, with the 500 Lumen version being a great starting point, whilst giving you the opportunity to then upsell to the brighter models.

The 1000 Lumen version is slightly heavier and bigger, but of course has a brighter light output and bigger battery. These both have an additional 300 Lumen torch in their head, providing a useful spot beam. The 1750 Lumen version is the next step up and is essentially a mini site light. Again, this is much brighter and has a bigger battery and built in power bank.

All three of these have a 180-degree adjustable handle/stand with built in magnets, folding hook, USB rechargeable batteries and glow in the dark strip. This all combines for a range of fantastically well-rounded work lights.

To ensure the rate of returns stay low, the work lights are all built with resilient ABS and have a high IPX5 water resistance, ensuring they can survive the occasional spell of rain or light spills. The Lithium-Ion batteries are designed to offer a dependable battery life. Integral and USB rechargeable, these can be sold to customers as lower running cost items, as of course they don’t burn through batteries.

Selling points

In terms of merchandising, all three of the ranges have striking packaging, with a matte black/bright yellow finish and informative data and spec on the back. The SLR-500 and SLR-1000 come in a display tray of 10. When they arrive in branch you simply peel the top of the box off and they are trade counter ready. Customers can then take directly from the tray and all you need to do is replenish when they sell. You can also get hold of a Unilite metal display stand to showcase one of the lights out of the packaging. Combine these assets together and the whole range will essentially sell themselves.

Company Focus
Established in 1981 as a lighting supplier, Unilite has grown into one of the world’s leading flashlight manufacturers in the global illumination market. It is our relentless pursuit of excellence that has been driving our evolution. With over 37 years trading, and a wealth of experience dealing with a wide and diverse spectrum of businesses. Many of whom are from specialised professional Industries. Our solid foundations have been built on superior quality and a first class customer service experience, allowing Unilite to expand and develop staunch support from our trusting 3,000 worldwide clients.


For more information on the SLR range of worklights, please visit: www.rdr.link/WH017 or call 01527 584344. The Unilite team will be happy to discuss merchandise options with you and talk you through any technical specifications on the lines.

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