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Security lights – they’re not just for the winter months | Red Arrow

Red Arrow’s top tip: PIR Sensors on FLAC floods or Photocell FLAC versions can either react to movement – providing 24/7 security coverage – or rely on extra support from cameras.

Microwave sensor lights

A relatively new and more advanced occupancy sensor, microwave detection works by emitting high-frequency electromagnetic waves and then receiving their echo. The sensor detects the change in echo from the slightest movement in the allocated detection zone, which commands a microprocessor to switch on the light. In other words, microwave sensors work on the basis that if the waves are interrupted, the sensor will react.

Suited to high-bay type applications – due to the way they operate differently to PIR sensors –microwave sensors can also work in temperatures as low as -20°C and as high as 45°C, making them perfect for all-year-round security, such as outside a school’s office.


Red Arrow’s top tip: High bays can be used with microwave sensors and set at different levels of output for safety or security. Plus, tuning up or down the sensitivity of a microwave sensor allows it to be used in multiple types of applications, for example, the HLBMS and HLBDS sensors.

The legal part

Badly designed, poorly maintained and incorrectly installed external lights can have detrimental effects on neighbouring parties – allowing local councils to investigate complaints, stopping or restricting a light if it is classed as a ‘statutory nuisance’.

Red Arrow’s top tip: To ensure your installation follows the correct regulations, head to our website for the best security lighting products. Red Arrow now has stock available for order from 7am in the morning until a cut off 6pm for the order/7pm despatch, which will be delivered to UK mainland addresses the following day.

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