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Scolmore brings their Elucian range to the market


The latest product development programme from Scolmore is designed to complete the company’s offer in the wiring accessories category – bringing to market a comprehensive Consumer Unit and Circuit Protection range. Here we find out more about its latest offering.

‘Elucian by Click’ is designed with the installer in mind, Elucian is an extensive range of metal consumer units that will cover a broad range of installations and offers a number of features and benefits that will enhance the products’ convenience, flexibility and safety properties.

The consumer unit collection comprises a total of 58 individual lines which fall under five main product groups.

  1. 100A Mains Switch Consumer Unit – a range of 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 20 way consumer units furnished with a 100A Mains Switch. This will allow the contractor to fully populate the board to the exact requirements of the installation.
  2. Dual RCCB Consumer Unit – 100A Mains Switch + 2 x 80A Type A RCCB – a range of 4+4, 5+5, 6+6 and 8+8 way consumer units furnished with a 100A Mains Switch + 2 x 80A 30mA Type A RCCB. A Dual RCCB Consumer Unit allows for two separate banks of MCB’s to be protected separately from Earth leakage by each RCCB. 
  3. Dual RCCB/SPD Consumer Unit – 100A Mains Switch + 2 x 80A RCCB + 2 Pole SPD. The current Edition of BS 7671:2018 requires the installation to be protected against Transient Overvoltages. SPDs offer the required protection against overvoltages. The Elucian consumer unit has located the SPDs adjacent to the Main Switch for ease of installation. By taking the supply to these direct from the outgoing terminals of the Main Switch all devices within the Elucian consumer unit are isolated when the main switch is in the off position.
  4. Combination Unit – 100A Mains Switch + 2 x 80A RCCB – a range of 8, 10, 12 and 16 way consumer units furnished with a 100A Mains Switch + 2 x 80A RCCB.       This unit allows for two separate banks of MCBs to be protected separately from Earth leakage by each RCCB but also contains additional incoming neutral terminals to allow connection for a separate bank of RCBOs or MCBs which commonly provide a total separation/protection for circuits deemed to be critical such as alarm systems, fridge freezers and stairwell lighting.
  5. RCD Incomer – Mini Board – RCD. Mini Boards offer a practical solution in workshops, garages, outhouses and sheds which require only a small number of circuits (3 available ways). These units do not contain a 100A 2 Pole Mains Switch Isolator – isolation is handled by either the 2 Pole 63A or 80A 30mA Type A RCD supplied. Earth leakage on every circuit is dealt with by the one main RCD, meaning that a residual current fault on any circuit will cut the power to all other circuits.

Scolmore has highlighted some of the key features that the company believes will make these units stand out in the marketplace and help installers make an informed choice:

Non-Combustible Enclosures

Non-combustible and robust metal housings ensure compliance against the third amendment added to the BS 7671 Wiring regulations in 2015 requiring consumer units and similar switchgear assemblies in domestic premises to have a non-combustible enclosure.

Mains Switch Tail Clamp

Each consumer and Mini unit come supplied and pre-fitted with a Mains Switch Tail Clamp for added stress relief to ensure the Mains Tails terminations do not come loose and to help fix the Mains Switch Isolator more securely to prevent any rocking or movement. The Mains Switch Tail Clamp will accept a maximum of 25mm² double insulated tails. 


The units all come supplied with a wide range of 40, 32, 25 and 20mm knockouts making each board universally adaptable for all installation and cable types. The knockout positions and sizes were configured as a direct result of feedback obtained during Scolmore’s extensive engagement with contractors across the UK to investigate the number and types of knockouts required in the most convenient locations for ease of install and best installation practice.

Rear Knockouts

The units also come supplied with rounded rectangular knockouts for easy removal and to provide ample cabling capacity for any installation type. Each knockout will be supplied with a 0.5M grommet strip to allow a smooth entry into the board, protecting cable from any potential sharp edges.

 Earth and Neutral Bar Configuration

Each unit has its own specifically configured Earth and Neutral Bar to allow for best practice installation of each board type, neatness of connections and ease of circuit identification.

Backed off Neutral and Earth Bar Screws

This provides added convenience and to allow quick and easy termination.

Keyway Din Rail

A fast release Keyway Din Rail allows for ease of installation.

MCB style solid blanks for any unused ways

These are din rail mountable and can only be removed when the cover is removed, thus providing additional safety. Other types of blanks can easily fall out or become dislodged.


The Elucian Circuit Protection Range comprises Mains Isolator Switches, RCCBs, SPDs, MCBs, RCBOs and blank modules.

2 Pole 100A Mains Isolator Switch

The central switch controlling the supply of mains electricity from the meter to the consumer unit and subsequently throughout the rest of the property. A Mains Isolator Switch is switched on and off manually – it will not perform either action automatically or electronically. When the Mains Isolator Switch is turned to the off position, both the incoming Live and Neutral power will be isolated from the unit, isolating the consumer unit/property from the mains electrical supply.

Type A 2 Pole 30mA RCCBs (63A, 80A and 100A)

These constantly monitor the balance of current in the line (Live) and neutral conductors. If an imbalance between the conductors of more than 30mA occurs the device will disconnect within 40mS.

When an RCCB trips it is usually to prevent any electric shock or personal injury as electricity is flowing through an unintended path to Earth. The RCCB will detect the imbalance and will then trip and turn off the circuit. If Earth leakage is detected, the RCCB will limit the magnitude and duration of the current to Earth.

Type 2, 2 Pole 40kA SPD available in 275Uc (V~). Surge Protection Devices are used to protect the circulatory aspects of the installation from an electrical surge, whether that be man-made or due to natural causes such as lightning strikes not direct to the installation. SPDs are used to protect electronic equipment connected to the installation such as computers, televisions, washing machines and LED lighting.

1 Pole, True 6kA B Curve & C Curve MCB’s (6A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 50A and 63A). The range of B Curve and C Curve Miniature Circuit Breakers are safety switches that turn themselves off automatically to protect electrical circuits from damage in the event of an overcurrent and/or short circuit.

Compact Type A 1 Pole + Neutral True 6kA B Curve & C Curve 30mA RCBOs (6A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 32A & 40A) complete with 450mm Neutral out tails. The Elucian RCBOs are compact single module devices that allow for additional space above to make it easier to install and terminate outgoing circuits. These devices are Type A rated offering a resilience when DC current is present. They are Single pole devices, isolating the Line (Live) conductor only. They only require a Neutral fly lead connection and accept Line (Live) and Neutral terminations direct into the device.

BS 7671 is proposing a move towards the use of RCBOs for the preferred method of protection. This change should be accepted in March 2022.

A single way Din Rail Blank module – Din Rail Blank modules are installed in consumer units in place of vacant spaces, with future expansion in mind. Din Rail Blank modules provide complete protection against access to any potential live parts in applications where a consumer unit is not fully populated with an even amount of circuit protection.

For more information about the range from Scolmore, visit: https://www.scolmore.com/

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