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Scolmore upgrades online offering

Scolmore has made a number of changes to its online ordering facility across all sites – Scolmore, ESP, Ovia and Unicrimp – with the aim of enhancing customer experience through improved load speeds and user functionality, as well as the addition of some new features.

The new sites will benefit from speeds that are twice that of the old sites, with some sections, including order upload functionality increasing by four times the original speed.

For added security, customers will now be required to log in using their email address – rather than account code – and the same password.

Customer feedback has played a key role in shaping the new site and a number of features have been added. These include:

  • Multi-accounts – customers can now have a single account (one login) and have access to all the branches they order for, using the ‘customer account switcher.’
  • Bulk-Rates – when a customer is close to reaching the threshold for a bulk rate price, they will be informed on the basket. The basket summary will also show how much they have saved thanks to these bulk rates.
  • Small Order Charges – a pop up will alert the customer to how much more needs to be spent to qualify for free carriage and to avoid small order charges.
  • ETA’s – users do not have to click into a product to see the next time stock is available, it will show the next due date for available stock on the search screen.
  • Low stock – products with low stock will be highlighted in red to alert to a potential back order.

Launched at the start of this month, the website addresses and online ordering links will remain the same, with customers only required to refresh their favourites to be directed to the new sites.


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