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Red Arrow introduces new Stellar 3CCT fire rated downlight

Change an installation’s colour temperature without removing any fittings from the ceiling, with the new Stellar 3CCT fire rated downlight.

Unlike other CCT selectable downlight that only enable colour switching at point of fitting, the Stellar’s CCT switch can be operated from below the ceiling, allowing the installer to adjust colour temperature easily even after the installation is complete.

With three colour temperatures to choose from – 3000K, 4000K and 6000K – the installer can dramatically change the look and feel of an installation without any disruption, switching from warm white to natural daylight or cool white at the touch of a button. It can also be paired with a dimmer switch, for even greater flexibility.

Stellar’s easy-access CCT selection not only makes it easier to adjust the final finish of an installation but allows for adaptation at a later date should the lighting function need to change: for instance, an office space that’s being changed to a recreational area, or a showroom converted into a customer waiting room.

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