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Red Arrow Electrical Distribution: a 360° transformation

Since acquiring Red Arrow Trading in May 2019 and rebranding to Red Arrow Electrical Distribution, Managing Director, Michael Crossley, and his incredible team have transformed the business beyond recognition.

Now a streamlined, trusted and quality-focussed manufacturer and distributor, Red Arrow Electrical Distribution guarantees superior quality, faster service delivery and competitively priced products to wholesalers and contractors alike.

With exciting and ambitious plans for the future and a strong re-branding process that continues to gain momentum, we explore just how Red Arrow Electrical Distribution have overhauled the business and what the immersive experience in their new facility can offer their customers.

Fully-equipped facility

Moving away from Red Arrow Trading’s third party logistics, the first aim of the rebrand was for the team to be in full control of the entire business. Something of which they have achieved with a newly-refurbished 55,000 sq. ft warehouse facility and 10,000 sq. ft offices.

With their own independent testing facilities; a light studio; a fully racked warehouse and a conference facility; Red Arrow’s new facility is fully focused on the customer experience, enabling full testing of a new product, with the support of sales, finance, marketing and lighting design all under one roof.

And, despite the pandemic putting building timelines on hold after acquiring the empty warehouse in March last year, the plans have since gone from strength to strength. Starting with the production of some of their new lines, including the new Weatherguard plus and Weatherguard Site ranges.

The most recent addition to the facility includes a product modification and specials department. This enables to the team to convert products to order with special drivers and controls, emergency, sensors and add flying leads and junction boxes.

Quality, first

As Sales Director, Graham Lewis says, ‘Everything of a certain size needs a backbone to hang the rest of its structure around. At Red Arrow, our backbone is quality.’

In fact, starting with the ISO 9001 accreditation – something of which the old brand didn’t have – Red Arrow have quickly put quality at the centre of their astonishing transformation.

Plus, by replacing non-core products with more energy efficient products that are designed for the future; and introducing ranges with ‘plug and play’ LED modules and drivers to extend the usable life of the product, the team are also focused on sustainability. However, Red Arrow’s plans don’t stop there, with the roll out of a new catalogue and new website expected later this year.

The team are also investing in the future with a view to support their customers in the best possible way by increasing recruitment by 15%. Committed to building strong relationships with their component suppliers and developing their own new manufacturing capability to produce quality products competitively priced for the market, Red Arrow are building a new brand that is trusted, respected and reliable within the industry – as demonstrated by their customers:

  • Jason Skarratts from Solen Electrical Wholesalers: “Outstanding customer service from Red Arrow Electrical Distribution. A customer rang me, urgently needing some high bays as he was let down from another supplier – order placed at 4.55pm last night, delivered pre 9am Saturday morning. Superb!”
  • Terry Hughes from Solen Energy Group: “Great service again from Red Arrow Electrical Distribution – without the great service we get from our suppliers we wouldn’t be able to meet our customers’ needs. Thank you.”
  • Nick Morgan from Zerographic: “Thank you for despatching my order so quickly. It arrived safe and sound this morning before 9am. Much appreciated.”


Visit www.redarrowtrading.com

About Red Arrow Electrical Distribution

Red Arrow Electrical Distribution is a streamlined, quality-focussed manufacturer and distributor of competitively priced lighting and electrical products to the wholesale industry. We are committed to providing an excellent sales and customer service experience, whilst providing a wide range of quality products.

We build strong, long-term relationships with suppliers ensuring quality and continuity of product supply and ongoing product development. Our new 55,000 square foot warehouse allows our customers to minimise their stock holding and maximise their profitability.

For sales enquiries, please contact Red Arrow: Graham.lewis@redarrowelectrical.co.uk

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