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Red Arrow: aiming to raise at least £100k for charity

Lockdown has proved to be a very difficult time for the electrical industry, with many contractors on furlough and some wholesalers closing their doors to trade.

But with positive movement within the industry in recent weeks, Red Arrow have been working on an initiative to fundraise for charity.

Donating profits from the proceeds to a charity of their choice, Red Arrow are selling branded face masks to anyone who needs them – and with the move to make it mandatory, they are ideal to use on all forms of public transport. But with a target of fundraising £100,000, they need your support.

Made from disposable 3ply material, Red Arrow’s standard, everyday face masks are manufactured and tested to conform to relevant standards and will not divert much needed PPE away from the NHS.

Whether you need one, 10 or 100 boxes, call Red Arrow on 0114 279 8999 to place an order. Help Red Arrow reach their aim of raising £100,000 or more and be part of something good.

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