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Products to boost sales

PEW asked the question – What’s hot to stock right now? Here’s what Carl Kammerling International had to say

Professional electricians demand hand tools and tool storage products that offer quality, reliability and innovation, to make working life easier. Saving valuable time and effort is also high on their list of priorities and the C.K brand from Carl Kammerling International (CKI) offers a fantastic range of innovative products that deliver everything that an electrician needs. Working closely with trade professionals, which includes talking to end users, product work outs and a trade panel has given CKI valuable insight into what works best for the development of new products, but also gives you the confidence that you are stocking proven winners.

What’s hot to stock?

 Access to the important information gathered from professional electricians has undoubtedly been a key driver in C.K product innovation, with wholesalers well placed to take advantage of stocking products that are increasing in demand. Here are some examples of product areas high in the popularity stakes.

With safety a key consideration for electricians, VDE approved products have become must-have items for toolkits, representing the pinnacle of safety and quality. As part of its ongoing VDE product development, C.K offers a premium range of hand tools that provide quick and easy solutions for a multitude of tasks.

C.K Redline VDE Combicutter3

Specifically designed for electrical professionals, this unique, high quality and award-winning product has transformed the way electricians work. The CombiCutter3 features 3-in-1 uses; it strips, bends and even shears thanks to its innovative and patented pattress screw shear. Other features include an ergonomic design – with anti-slip horns for increased comfort, control and safety. Induction hardened jaws ensure outstanding long-term performance and cutting jaws with C.K optimised geometry offer superb cutting performance.

C.K Stubby VDE Screwdrivers

Consulting with a trade panel of experts, it was quickly established that accessibility was one of the biggest hold-ups in completing tasks efficiently. This led to the development of a compact, short-shafted screwdriver named the Stubby, enabling easy access for those hard-to-reach recessed screws and fixings and an instant hit with trade professionals.

C.K Conduit Bush Wrench

CKI works closely with training colleges in support of the next generation of trade professionals, collaborating in the development of best practices and new products. The Conduit bush wrench was such a project and solved a very real problem faced by electricians working on steel conduit. Made from zinc phosphate plated, toughened alloy steel for added strength, this quality conduit bush wrench features an innovative head design, to enable all sizes of conduit bushes to be tightened and untightened, even with cabling in place.




It’s all about time

 Products that save valuable time and effort are undoubtedly firm favourites with professional electricians, here are some of our favourites.

C.K MightyRod PRO Cable Rods provide the ultimate in cable rod technology. Quick and easy to use, they are 100% splinterproof, thanks to their unique SplinterShield coating.

The C.K MightyRods PRO Toolbox Set 3.3m offers all the features and benefits of the full length MightyRods PRO kits, in a compact handy toolbag size, making them perfect for cable installation in tight access situations, and easy to transport.

The award-winning C.K ArmourSlice SWA Cable Stripper provides a fast, clean and safe method of stripping SWA cable, ensuring a perfect cut every time. The usual method for stripping SWA cable can be slow and cumbersome and is often carried out by using a hacksaw and trimming knife. It can also result in an uneven cut of the wire strands, causing potential damage to the inner conductors. ArmourSlice offers the perfect solution and is 50% faster than conventional SWA stripping methods.

Using standard draw tape for cable routing can have its limitations. The C.K SPIRA-FLEX Draw Tape provides the perfect solution, with its strong yet extremely flexible structure allowing it to be quickly and easily fed through bends, curves and conduit cables, to complete the task. This super flexible and immensely tough Ø4mm SPIRA-FLEX draw tape offers a major improvement on standard nylon and steel draw tapes, which are often prone to twisting and kinking.

C.K Magma continues to expand its popular wheeled toolcase options and its latest addition, the Wheeled Rucksack Plus provides a durable, lightweight and compact tool storage solution which is ideal for tradespeople using public transport for travelling to their place of work, or for those who need to access places where climbing and a hands-free approach is needed. Its innovative design includes vertical tool storage, which allows tools to be found quickly and easily, with more time to complete tasks in hand.

C.K to the rescue

Products that provide innovative solution for difficult tasks are also key considerations and the C.K Rescue Sets are designed to alleviate what can be an arduous and time-consuming process of removing broken/damaged nuts, bolts and fasteners. These Rescue Sets include the C.K Damaged Nut & Bolt Extractor Set and C.K Damaged Hex Key Rescue Set, the perfect companion for the hassle-free removal of damaged or rounded hex bolts.

How Can Wholesalers Benefit?

Running from 01 September to 21 December, the new Carl Kammerling International Magnetic Winter Sales Promotion offers the perfect opportunity for you to stock the products electricians want and take advantage of the fantastic deals across the whole range.

To benefit from this promotion, simply contact your local sales representative or telephone CKI customer services on 01758 704704.


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