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Point of sale : Jefferson Tools

A look at the latest display solutions to help you increase your in-store purchases.


Jefferson Tools was established over 20 years ago by a team with a solid understanding of professional tools, equipment and hardware – and how to market them. Since then, it has grown to be a trusted player in the industry and today operates from a new, state-of-the-art 120,000ft2 head office.

Optimising the use of available space is vital for retailers, regardless of store size. As a loyal partner to its stockists – and with more than two decades’ experience of how best to promote them – Jefferson Tools is in a good position to pass on this knowledge to its dealers, giving them insight on how to transform branches and boost efficiency and success.

First impressions 

Branded shelving comes in various designs and configurations, thereby freeing up valuable floor space for other products. Experience has shown that with well-placed and efficient shelving, merchants can create attractive product displays, ones that catch the eye of customers, draw their interest, and encourage them to explore the offerings further. Meanwhile, Jefferson Tools’ point of sale strategy is not limited only to ‘branded shelving.’ It’s a combination of support with a materials package, display stands, merchandise support, countertop displays, and much more.

Jefferson Tools’ branded shelving and displays are designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, providing a seamless and sleek appearance that elevates the overall look of any branch. Additionally, by using such display solutions, merchants create an inviting, modern, and pleasant shopping environment for customers.

“How products are displayed play an outsized role in influencing purchasing decisions,” says Darren Binns, Jefferson Tools’ Head of Sales. “It’s not hard to see why, as our branded shelving and stands offer a sleek and professional appearance, which enhances the appeal of the tools and equipment. Neatly organised products on attractive displays create a positive impression on customers, enticing them to explore the product range further,” explained Binns.

A seamless shopping journey

Easy navigation is essential for a positive shopping experience. With Jefferson Tools branded shelving, you can arrange products logically, enabling customers to find what they need quickly. Efficient organisation and clear labelling contribute to a seamless shopping journey, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The use of Jefferson Tools branded shelving and display solutions, supported with a materials package and merchandise assistance, elevates the overall appearance of any branch, projecting a more professional image to customers. A well-organised and appealing store with a professional environment instils confidence in tradespeople and enhances their confidence in merchants’ professionalism and ability to deliver great products and services.

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