Home News PEW hears how Byworth Boilers uses Flexicon FSU flexible conduit systems to protect uptime for its customers

PEW hears how Byworth Boilers uses Flexicon FSU flexible conduit systems to protect uptime for its customers

PEW hears how Byworth Boilers is helping protect uptime for its customers thanks to the reliability and durability of Flexicon FSU flexible conduit systems.

Byworth Boilers, a manufacturer of industrial steam and hot water boilers, has been specifying the Flexicon cable protection system for the past 15 years, for both its mechanical protection properties and practicality for use in a fast-moving production line of heavy machinery.

The company supplies its boilers, alongside maintenance and training services, for a broad range of applications, including healthcare and hospitals, breweries and food production to name a few.

While the end applications differ, each of Byworth’s customers are the same, in that they cannot afford the risk of equipment downtime, as Dave Podsiedzik, Electrical Foreman from the company explains: “The consequences of failing to use the correct cable containment and protection for our product range could be disastrous for our customers. Any downtime of our products will ultimately lead to loss of production, so we aim to reduce this as much as possible by providing the highest quality of products in our design.”

Speed of installation

The demands of the busy manufacturing environment mean that Byworth looks to specify products that are simple and easy to install. Dave Podsiedzik continues: “The ease in which you can cut the Flexicon FSU conduit, and the nature of its flexibility makes it the perfect product for our needs, helping to guarantee speed as well as product safety.

“The quality of the Flexicon brand gives us the confidence in the longevity and durability of our machines. We are frequently complimented by our visitors and customers for the ‘tidiness’ of the cable management, which is as a result of our skilled workforce as well as the adaptability of the Flexicon FSU conduit.”

Robust and durable

Flexicon’s FSU range of flexible conduit is manufactured from galvanised steel with PVC coating, making it ideal for the rigours of the hazardous environments in which the boilers are often operating. In these applications, there are numerous factors which could lead to boiler breakdown, but using the Flexicon range has proven to significantly reduce the likelihood of cable damage contributing to equipment failure.

Dave Podsiedzik concludes: “The galvanised steel conduit provides excellent impact protection, and the PVC coating adds additional protection for the internal wires from water damage and erosion. The longevity of the FSU range for use in a hot and damp environment is also a major factor in our decision. Conduits are terminated using fittings which are manufactured from quality nickel plated brass, thus extending the life of the installation. We need to ensure our machines’ longevity by using quality products what live up to our high expectations. With the FSU range, this is achieved.

“We had used other cable protection systems previously, but the quality of the Flexicon product, alongside its ease of installation and excellent availability have meant that we have never had an issue during the past 15 years.”

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