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Ovia introduces Self-Test Emergency Pack


Ovia continues to develop and expand its lighting offer and has now introduced a self-test version of its 4W Universal Emergency Pack.

This addition to the Ovia commercial lighting product portfolio means there is now a standard and self-test option to cover all emergency installation requirements for the company’s growing range of LED panels and AluPanel downlights.

The key benefit of the self test emergency pack is to prevent the need for ongoing maintenance and the associated labour and costs involved. In the event of mains fail it will provide emergency lighting for three hours at a lower light. This fulfils the minimum requirement of the BS5266 standard that applies to emergency lighting. The self-test pack will check the emergency light fitting automatically to ensure that the battery and lamp are fully operational. If a problem is detected by the self-test function, the system will display a visual warning via the green/red indicator LED.

Both the standard and the self-test options are compatible with the following Ovia light fittings – Jura, Inceptor Slate, Inceptor Slate Backlit, Inceptor skylar ugr16, Inceptor Trofa and alupanel. They are supplied with a four year warranty.

For further information, contact OVIA on 01827 300640, sales@oviauk.com or visit www.oviauk.com.

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