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On the third day of Christmas a manufacturer sold to me…

THREE Ferret Wifis…

To celebrate the festive season, PEW will be showcasing our very own 12 days of christmas. Across 12 days, we will be bringing you the latest products from six manufacturers and point of sales from six Wholesalers.

Earlier this year, Super Rod launched the Ferret WiFi™ to the UK market – the smart inspection camera and cable pulling tool, which quickly became the must-have tool of 2019.

Designed by New Zealand tech company Cable Ferret, the Ferret WiFi™ uses the latest electronics technology to stream high resolution video to a smart device in real time, making it the ideal tool for fast and accurate close up visual inspections and troubleshooting in places which are too confined or hard to reach. The camera has six adjustable bright white LEDs on the front to provide crisp, clear 720p images, even in complete darkness.

The Ferret WiFi™ is used in connection with a free and intuitive Android or iOS app, which allows installers to save their videos and photos directly onto their smart device. This feature helps identify issues and also provides proof of a problem or repair to customers, which is ideal when quoting or invoicing for jobs.

Other handy features of the lightweight yet tough Ferret WiFi™ include an IP67 rated camera, perfect for rigorous use on a job site, a built in WiFi™ hotspot and a wireless range of up to 12m.

The Ferret WiFi™ first hit the wholesalers in May, and since then it has scooped up TWO industry awards having been awarded Best New Product of 2019 at the Select Awards in Scotland and the Trade Tool of the Year accolade at the Electrical Industry Awards 2019 in London.

And it’s not just awards where the Ferret is #winning. The social buzz around the Ferret WiFi™ has been phenomenal. Since Super Rod began posting about the product on its social media platforms, installers have been really keen to engage with the posts, wanting to know when it’s available and where they can get one… and as soon as they have one, they want to share how good it is with their fellow installers!

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