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On the Eighth day of Christmas a Wholesaler sold to me…

Your WEIGHT in beer…

Throughout December in the run up to Christmas LEW run their annual Win Your Weight in Beer promotion across all LEW branches.

Every £200 a customer spends is put into a prize draw for a customer at each branch to win their weight in beer!

Every wholesaler will experience the notorious dip of sales in December. It’s expected towards the end of the year as contractors wind down from work and get ready to relax over the Christmas break.

What they’ve found with the Win Your Weight in Beer promotion is that it helps drive incremental sales in December by encouraging impulse buys as customers spend a little extra to get themselves into the prize draw.

The boost in sales comes predominantly from counter purchases when customers are looking for that extra £50 to make up the qualifying order value for the promotion. They make sure to merchandise their counters with point of sale items to incentivise customers, of course making sure that they maintain their commitment to promoting quality products at all times.

As you can imagine this is popular amongst electricians looking to party over the Christmas period. Some customers joke that if they win they’ll send one of their ‘heavier’ employees to the branch to claim their prize!

After all, nothing spreads festive cheer like giving away 23 crates of beer!

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