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Face to Face | PEW talks to Diode Electrical

Alfie Johnson, founder of electrical material comparison website Diode Electrical, talks to PEW about his new venture that he hopes will provide a slick, efficient service to benefit wholesaler and electrician alike.

A recent survey from the EDA showed that most wholesalers are uncertain about whether the growth of online sales is a threat or an opportunity to their business. The new offering from Diode Electrical aims to improve online opportunities for the wholesaler by connecting them with electricians in the area, offering a vital time saving solution that allows the user to build up a materials list and compare availability and prices.

Q: Alfie, what’s your background and what made you decide to launch Diode Electrical?

A: I have a wealth of knowledge around being an Electrician, being totally familiar with electrical products. Additionally, I have had first hand understanding of the frustrations of ordering electrical products, the time and money wasted, and understand the importance of customer satisfaction. These experiences allowed me to identify that there is a gap in the market where I know both Wholesalers and Electricians would benefit from an electrical comparison website.

Q: What is Diode electrical?

A: Our mission statement defines what we are all about: “Our mission is to make the world of Diode Electrical a 24/7 online comparison website that connects more Electricians to Electrical Wholesalers.”

Diode Electrical is an impartial, convenient and affordable solution for those who lack the necessary time needed to compare goods and check what is in stock and available to order. It will help Electrical Wholesalers and Electricians to connect by purchasing materials through a quick online service which compares electrician’s material lists with local wholesalers stock and availability. The service will also offer a great deal more and be able to produce relevant professional documents which can be attached to quotes for their clients. The website aims to save time, improve operational profitability, reduce risk and increase efficiency.

Electricians and Electrical Contractors need as much help and support from suppliers as they can get. Sourcing the right products for the job, while working smarter, will help the user to be as professional and efficient as possible. We also have started creating an invoicing platform but this will not be available until the end of 2020.

Q: How does this benefit the wholesaler?

A: It will benefit the Wholesaler for them to know that, by an easy click of a button by an Electrician, their company will consistently be considered in supplying that Electrician with their products. It is about working and bringing local business’s together and never missing an opportunity with regards to supply and demand. If customers can conveniently save time and money, this will create sustainability – reusing Diode Electrical comparison site will point them to a local wholesaler and the process will repeat.

Q: When does the service go live and will there be an app?

A: We are aiming to go live early 2020, but we won’t go live until we are completely happy that the service will benefit everyone we need it to in the correct way.

There is no app yet, but once we go live and start receiving data and feedback we will make the decision to create an app provided electricians feel that this will benefit them further. The website will work on mobile devices, tablets and laptops.

Q: What are the main benefits for the Electrician?

A: It is a free, modern solution which instantly allows an Electrician to create one material list and compares it with all local Wholesalers. It shows availability of items, what’s in stock, delivery terms and conditions, and overall price. You will be able to save different material lists to amend at any time until you are ready to purchase.

On average an electrician spends two hours a day procuring materials from a Wholesaler and sending quotes to clients. Using Diode Electrical will save £50 a day, £250 a week and potentially £12,000 a year by using this efficient, effective, modern service.

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