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Name That Tune | Editor’s Viewpoint

It’s cold and now it’s dark really early we basically just want to hibernate until Spring……… so what better way to brighten up our day than to play some tunes!!!

We get a lot of info into the PEW office every month and the majority of it makes it into the magazine so that we can share all of the news with you. There is always a bundle of new products, new people and some generally rather interesting stuff, but every now and then we receive something a bit different which really sparks my interest.

This month it was the announcement from Toolbox by Admiral that the ‘magic of music can be a secret weapon in the workplace helping to boost brain activity and turn up the volume on productivity’. I’m not sure about you but my main route to turning up the volume on productivity is coffee….lots of coffee! I am however a massive fan of music for lifting the spirits and when embarking on any car journey the playlist is chosen before the sat nav is initiated – this may say a lot about why I am always getting lost!!

Anyway those lovely people at Admiral have trawled Spotify to come up with a list of the favourite songs attributed to various trades……this is obviously something of a relief because well that’s been on my To Do list for a few months now!!

Electricians apparently favour Guns N’ Roses – they are big fans in fact with Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child O Mine and Paradise City featuring in their top ten – but then who doesn’t like a good sing along to Paradise City? I’m not sure if we should be concerned that Sabotage by the Beastie Boys comes in at number 7 in the electricians hit parade – perhaps I will just leave that thought for you to ponder.

Sadly there isn’t a top ten for Electrical Wholesalers which definitely leaves a hole in the Spotify playlist hit parade – maybe we should do something about that – what’s your thoughts on Under Pressure by Queen for number 1!

See you next month


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