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Megger’s new DPM1000 Power Clamp Meter


The instrument features an integrated clamp for safe, non-contact current measurement and has a large, backlit 10,000 count display that is easy to read even in poorly lit locations.

The DPM1000 also offers Bluetooth connectivity, allowing measured values to be streamed in real time to a smartphone or tablet running the Megger Link app, which is available free on Android and iOS. Measured values can also be plotted in real time and stored on the connected device for later export to spreadsheets and reports.

The DPM1000 measures AC and DC current up to 1,000 A, true RMS AC voltage up to 1,000 V and DC voltage up to 1,000 V. It also has an AC+DC voltage measuring mode. In addition, it measures resistance up to 100 kΩ and incorporates a buzzer for convenient continuity checking.


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