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When it comes to adaptability and sustainability in lighting, Luceco’s latest innovation delivers on both fronts.

It’s two new LED lighting batten ranges – Climate and Luxpack Essence – designed for industrial lighting applications, have been developed to be kind to the environment and are simple to install – a real win for everyone, including wholesalers.

The two ranges have been designed to meet the differing needs of the industrial lighting market. Rugged Climate, being IP65 rated, is ideal for outdoor settings such as warehouses and car parks, whilst the Luxpack, with its white aesthetic and IP20 rating, is suitable for indoor spaces such as offices and garages, and enables wholesalers to offer their customers quality products for all applications.

Conceived with sustainability at its heart, both Climate and Luxpack are designed to be serviceable, with the LED board and driver units being easily replaced if required without the need for tools, just a few simple clicks is all that’s needed to remove and replace them – this modular feature dispenses with the need to replace the entire unit, saving not only time whilst on site but also significantly reduces the amount of waste ending up in landfill.

Inbuilt power and colour change switches add further flexibility for both ranges with two simple plug and play options allowing for configuration on site and eliminating the need to make decisions ahead of time. Each model or length has the ability to add microwave sensor or emergency packs that simply click into place, providing a host of customisable options.

Both the Climate and Luxpack ranges make installation faster and more accurate, thanks to the inclusion of colour-matched connectors and flexible first fix brackets, whilst the built-in power and colour change options make these pioneering LED lights adaptable for any industrial lighting project or space, meaning that, with by stocking these ranges, wholesalers are meeting the demand of installers for ease of installation with greater choice.

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