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With more people choosing to switch to an electric car, consumers are demanding efficient ways to charge their vehicles at home.

Installing an EV wall charger, such as the BG Sync EV Wall Charger 2, now with integrated solar charging, from Luceco – is proving both a popular and money saving solution for consumers as well as a great upsell and customer lock-in opportunity for installers. Savvy wholesalers should prepare to meet demand.

Ingeniously, thanks to the intuitive smartphone app, homeowners can cut their home-based EV charging costs with the Sync EV Wall Charger 2. By utilising surplus solar energy from their existing solar panels – with no modifications to panels required – instead of having any surplus directed back to the grid, homeowners can potentially charge their electric vehicles for free with Sync EV.

In addition, with personalised settings such as scheduled charging and optimised cut-off points, allowing users to charge dynamically and maximise cheap rates of electricity, the Sync EV Wall Charger 2 delivers a faster home charge compared to plugging a charging cable directly into a three pin socket which gives a very slow charge at a fixed rate – both inconvenient and less cost effective.

Designed with sleek aesthetics, and no compromise on practicalities, the Sync EV Wall Charger 2 is available in two versions – tethered and untethered – to suit individual needs. The tethered option, which comes with an integral 7.5m fixed wraparound cable that is fitted with a very user-friendly charging gun for attaching to the vehicle, provides a neat, tidy and safe solution. And, since the charger uses personalised settings, your customers can rest-assured that they are completely in control of who uses their charger – no rogue charges are possible. The untethered version, ideal for those who already own cables, is completely unpluggable, providing flexibility when using commercial chargers away from home.

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