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Living the solar dream | GoodWe

With renewable energy an ever present subject on the mind of the general public and with energy costs a constant concern, it is important that electrical professionals stay aware of the latest technological developments. Here, Eugene Lucarelli, Marketing Manager of GoodWe, discusses some of the essential components for those involved in residential solar installations.

For many, self-generated power is akin to living the dream. In the last few years, as energy prices have spiralled out of control and people have become ever more anxious to save money, the idea that a few pieces of kit could be installed at your home to save you from the financial stress of yet another price increase can be an incredibly tempting prospect. It is no shock that solar sales have been increasing as a result.

Two components of a residential solar setup that are sometimes overlooked are the inverter and the battery. For consumers, many might not know the meaning of the word inverter, and they may well wonder why they need a battery. After all, they are probably most used to batteries being a source of power, not a storage solution.

Inverter innovation

Aside from a little electrical education, another stumbling block for some homeowners when considering the switch to solar is the price. While the payback time has been getting shorter and shorter, the upfront cost can still present a challenge for many – especially in the last year or so when levels of disposable income have been hit fairly hard. Hybrid inverters can help homeowners take their first steps into solar without needing to come up with the full initial investment, making them a great ‘halfway house’ between grid reliance and self-generation.

A hybrid, such as GoodWe’s ES G2 Series, allows users to harvest power from an array of solar panels and use it in their devices and appliances, just like a traditional inverter. Its integrated plug-and-play functionality and compact, lightweight design means solar PV installations can be quicker and easier to complete than ever before. Meanwhile, its smart home integration makes it the long term choice for forward-thinking homeowners.

A key feature of the ES G2 is its automatic switching to back-up power mode in less than 10ms when connected to a battery if a power cut occurs, ensuring minimal disruption and that key appliances remain in operation. It also makes possible the addition of a battery at a later date, meaning users can set up a solar system now, and expand it as their energy requirements grow or as their finances permit.

Progress with power storage

When they do want to expand, selecting a battery specifically designed for residential application, such as the Lynx Home U series, is always a safe bet. This low voltage lithium battery can help end users with any fallout from cost-of-living difficulties.

With plug-and-play functionality thanks to pre-wired communication cables, the Lynx Home U Series makes PV installations fast and simple. A key highlight is that the battery series can be scaled from 5.4kWh to 32.4 kWh, and with self-detecting modules and a stackable design, it eases the commissioning burden on installers. The intuitive design and smart features mean that electrical professionals can accelerate the UK’s pathway to net zero and start to reduce over-reliance on the grid.

Seizing solar success

The ES G2 and Lynx Home U are two of GoodWe’s latest offerings aimed at the booming residential market. With more growth expected in residential solar, it has never been a better time for electrical professionals to consider solar as an addition to their current portfolio of services. It is pleasing to see that the solar market is soaring, with over 3,000 installations being carried out per week, up from 1,000 a week in July 2020, according to Solar Energy UK. Electricians looking to capitalise on this market growth can do so by investing time in training opportunities such as the GoodWe Plus+ programme.

Hosted online by a GoodWe technical specialist, the GoodWe PLUS+ training is free to attend and run in three separate parts, designed to help those with a background in electronics learn everything from solar system design and installation, through to commissioning and aftermarket servicing.

By embracing renewable energy and making steps towards solar, electrical professionals can move the UK down the path of net zero while increasing their income at the same time.

For more about the GoodWe PLUS+ programme and to sign up to the training, please click here

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