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Mersen has unveiled ProGrid, a smart and versatile electrical protection systems designed to protect, monitor, detect and report events on the low-voltage grid.

With ProGrid, Mersen is accelerating its development in the smart grid. This will help to meet the changing patterns of managing power grids, linked to the increasing share of renewable energy sources and highly distributed generation in the grid. The Mersen ProGrid system is a smart solution that includes embedded fuses, fuse switch disconnectors, and monitoring functionalities to protect against overcurrent and ensure the availability of the low voltage electrical network.

Mersen ProGrid meets all the requirements of grid operators and industry for power distribution in grid and transformer stations, cable distribution cabinets and low-voltage distribution boards.

By implementing protection such as the Mersen ProGrid solutions, utility companies can improve the reliability, safety, and operational efficiency of their electrical systems. This solution enhances safety and security measures, preventing unpredictable faults and unwanted interference.

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