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Linian’s latest innovation


LINIAN’s product development team continually work on new ideas and solutions, not just for the cable fixing market, but in any area where an installer encounters a problem, an outdated method, or a safety concern. Here, the company discusses the story behind its latest innovation. 

At its core, LINIAN is a company of innovators and product developers. The original LINIAN FireClips (plus the SuperClip, T&E Clip, and Coaxial Clip ranges) are now used as the preferred choice by installers and specifiers. This focus on creating innovative solutions inspired LINIAN to set up ‘LINIAN Labs’, a sister-business which specialises in product development. It also led to the creation of the new LINIAN Earth Rod Pro which can be used to rapidly install earth rods in under two minutes!


How it began

Ian Arbuckle, LINIAN’s Managing Director, was originally a sparky by trade, before moving into Electrical Engineering and Consultancy, and eventually joining the LINIAN family business in 2015.

Through LINIAN Labs, Ian designed and developed the Earth Rod Pro, a simple and effective solution which bores through hard top layers and underground rock to achieve a secure earth rod connection. This innovative, patent-pending new solution offers installers confidence that they will be able to easily install the rod to the desired depth.

Ian states: “I remember installing an earth rod back in the day as a young apprentice and I was left holding the rod while my pal tried to hammer it into the hard icy ground. I got a nasty knock on the hand with a hammer, and it was enough to want to put me off the tools.”

Even back then as a trainee, Ian realised there had to be a better way, and now, years later, he has been able to produce a faster, safer, simpler solution, which may even help protect the next generation of apprentices.

How it works

The LINIAN EARTH ROD PRO has two components – a reusable DRIVER (Standard SDS+ or MAX size), and a sacrificial tip BIT. Simply attach the EARTH ROD PRO – DRIVER to one end of a standard 5/8” copper earth rod and attach the EARTH ROD PRO – BIT directly to the other end of the earth rod. Using an SDS Drill, the rod can then be rapidly installed directly into the ground. The carbide tipped BIT will chew through any rock and debris, remaining in the ground after installation. The tip isn’t fluted like a traditional drill, so the surrounding material will remain tight around the earth rod, and provide a solid reading.

Route to market

LINIAN launched the Earth Rod Pro back in June last year, right in the middle of the first lockdown. Originally planned to launch at ELEX, it was launched online instead. Wes, the inventor of the original LINIAN FireClip (and Ian’s father) recorded a demo video in his garden, showing the Earth Rod Pro easily boring right through monoblock on his front porch. You can still watch it online on here.

Since then, the Earth Rod Pro has been growing in popularity as installers are trying it for themselves and posting videos and sharing impressive results online. It has been picked up by major wholesalers including CEF, Denmans, Edmundson Electrical and many independents too.

Why choose the Earth Rod Pro?

With the rise of new challenges like 5G and the EV charging industry, Big Data installers are completing even more earth rod installations than ever before. However, as Ian’s old sparky days proved, this can be a laborious task. Installers are always looking for ways to make their jobs easier, and this product does just that, saving time so they can complete the job quicker without compromising on quality.

Like all other LINIAN products, the EARTH ROD PRO is proudly made in Britain, using the best quality materials and extensively tested for durability, efficiency and safety. The EARTH ROD PRO – DRIVER is made from top quality, high alloy content, chromium, nickel, and molybdenum European steel. The EARTH ROD PRO – BIT has a European sourced ‘Hammer-grade’ Tungsten carbide tip, designed to withstand hammer blows into the hardest of masonry substrates.

When choosing LINIAN, the wholesaler can be confident it is providing customers with a safe and effective product with full manufacturer support. LINIAN POS display options are available and products are presented in LINIAN branded packaging, bearing the trusted LINIAN logo and Made in Britain symbol, ideal for in-branch displays. The company provide a stockist marketing pack and technical data suite, and the team is on hand to answer technical enquiries.

What’s next for LINIAN? 

LINIAN is developing new products for the EV charging industry, expanding clip ranges and earthing products, and creating innovative solutions for the plumbing and DIY installer too. The LINIAN Labs team also collaborate with installers and manufacturers to solve wider industry problems and offer bespoke product development services and small parts coating services.

Get in touch

Do you need a solution to an age-old problem? Get in touch today to discuss the LINIAN Labs product development service. Visit: https://www.linianclip.co.uk/ and submit your idea to the LINIAN team.

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