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Knipex UK new product launches for 2020

Knipex UK marketing Manager, David Barnes, spoke to PEW about the hand tools market for electricians and the launch of its new products for 2020.

It would be easy to think that pliers have not changed all that much over the years. However, innovations and new features are designed and incorporated into hand tools on a regular basis to save time and effort for electricians.

Manufacturers, such as Knipex, are moving towards more compact tools and multiple features on one tool.

Those trends are reflected in our new products for 2020. Take the Cobra XS, for example, the smallest water pump pliers in the world with full functional capability measuring just 100mm long.

The tool can adapt to eleven adjustment positions and grip nuts up to 24mm in width. They also look great and tools like these are becoming more sought after as professionals look for improved ease of use and functionality.

Cable stripping

Cable strippers are also being designed with more features, yet at the same time are becoming more user friendly.

The PreciStrip16, for instance, quickly and precisely strips fine, flexible and solid cables, holding all materials tightly and firmly in its semi-circular grooved holding clamps. The pliers have a wide capacity range (which is easily adjusted) from 0.08 to 16mm2.

The cable cutter on top of the PreciStrip16 reliably cuts flexible cables up to 16mm and solid conductors up to 6mm. Parabolic stripping blades separate insulation from both extremely fine-stranded and solid round cables, then automatically strip the insulation off backwards.

You can expect a secure grip and an exact cut every time with the PreciStrip16. It has an adjustable length stop so accuracy is guaranteed time after time, even on repetitive jobs. When needed, the blade cassette can be easily replaced. The tool makes cable stripping easy as it has an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to use all day long. And it’s not easy to lose either! It comes with a description label that can be personalised, meaning no more mix-ups and no more lost tools.

Crimping Pliers

We have also launched a chrome plated version of our bestselling, Self-Adjusting Crimping Pliers. With a narrow handle width and improved ergonomics the pliers are ideal for crimping wire end sleeves.

The pliers self-adjust to the size of wire end sleeves required and are perfect for repetitive, high crimping quality due to its integral lock with a self-releasing mechanism. The tools have been calibrated accurately in Knipex’s Wuppertal factory and optimum transmission of force is ensured thanks to toggle lever for fatigue-reduced operation.

The new 300 mm Pliers Wrench can now grip width across flats up to a diameter of 68mm (2 1/2″) thanks to two additional adjustment positions. It rounds off the range of six pliers wrenches (125, 150, 180, 250, 300 and 400mm). For especially sensitive surfaces, KNIPEX now offers plastic jaw covers as accessories for the 180, 250, and 300mm variants.

The protective jaws are easily attached by hand and snap into place to suit the geometry of the pliers’ jaws so that they do not slip during work. The soft, smooth gripping surface ensures that holding, gripping and fixing designer fittings or extremely sensitive materials do not result in any damage.

The 160mm CoBolt S with 25-fold amplification of manual force is now available with a recess on the cutting edge, so the popular compact bolt cutter can cut through round materials even more effectively.

Bolts, rivets and nails with a diameter up to 4.4mm and particularly tough materials such as piano wire and spring steel with a diameter up to 3.3 mm can now be cut in a single movement thanks to the recess located close to the joint. The enhanced leverage effect close to the pivot point makes cutting larger cross-sections easier.

Supporting wholesalers

Our team is available to help wholesalers with product information and details on how to source the marketing materials and new products. Knipex provides eye catching point of sale and marketing materials with solutions designed to help boost sales with glass display cases, illuminated boxes and accessories such as shelf stoppers, perforated panel hooks, secondary stands and displays.

“It would be easy to think that pliers have not changed all that much over the years. However, innovations and new features are designed and incorporated into hand tools on a regular basis to save time and effort for electricians.”

For further information on Knipex products and how it can support your business, visit their website here

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