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Knipex launches an Electrical Installation Set


KNIPEX has launched an Electrical Installation Set (00 31 30 BK V01) featuring three great all-rounders for all common cable work. This set equips the electrician for day-to-day work and includes the KNIPEX ErgoStrip universal stripping tool, the extremely versatile Pliers for Electrical Installation with cable shears and the powerful Diagonal Cutter.

The KNIPEX ErgoStrip (16 95 01 SB) is perfect for fast and precise stripping of all common round and damp-proof installation cables.

The Pliers for Electrical Installation (13 86 200) feature six functions in one pair of pliers for gripping flat and round material, for bending, deburring, cutting cable, stripping and crimping wire ferrules.

The third tool in the set is the KNIPEX Diagonal Cutter (70 06 160), the indispensable diagonal cutter for all-round use. With precision cutting edges for soft and hard wire, the cutters feature a narrow head style for use in confined areas.


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