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Knightsbridge has enhanced its range pioneering 45W USB charging solutions with the introduction of four additional decorative finishes in the company’s popular screwless format.

At the time of their initial launch, Knightsbridge’s 45W USB sockets and modules were the fastest chargers available on the market and still remain at the top of the competitive tree. Now, beyond curved or square edge moulded sockets in white, these powerful 230V 13A two-gang switched USB sockets come in anthracite, matt black, matt white and brushed chrome.

The sockets offer up to 45W PD (Power Delivery) over a USB-C port and 18W QC (Quick Charge) over a USB-A port. This means that power-hungry devices like laptops can be charged from wall outlets with compatible cables using a 45W USB-C port and without the need for bulky adapters. QC devices (mainly android-based smartphones) can be charged at up to 18W, allowing for a quick charge of up to 50% in under 30 minutes with compatible smartphones. Where multiple devices are being charged simultaneously, power is shared between both ports.

Knightsbridge also offers 60W A-C and C-C cables, as well as a 100W certified USB-PD C-C cables so that devices can maximise the power outputs available.

The high-performance 45W USB wall charger range is completed three 50mm x 50mm Euro modules, in white, grey, and black; which are compatible with a variety of modular and multimedia combination plates, allowing for more bespoke installations.

The 50×50 modular inserts are available in white, grey, and black and may be paired with a variety of modular and multimedia combination plates, allowing for a bespoke creation.

All designs are available with dual earths for high integrity earthing, angled top-down terminals for quick installation, and are designed to accommodate 25-35mm back boxes (depending on wiring conditions).

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