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Knightsbridge raises money for Shelter

Knightsbridge have kickstarted the new decade with a £7714 donation to Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity, making a contribution from the sales of LED outdoor lighting products in December.

Shelter’s vision is to give people the help they need and to campaign relentlessly to achieve a safe, secure and affordable home for everyone.

Knightsbridge CEO Catherine Connolly has expressed the company’s ambitions to continue to support homeless charities in 2020. She said: ‘In addition to delivering exceptional lighting and wiring accessory products to our electrical community, we also choose a charity to work with each year. In 2020 our focus remains on homeless charities and our goal this year is to raise an additional £4677 for Shelter. This represents £1 for each person registered as street homeless on a single night in November 2018.’

Catherine went on to comment: ‘The homeless situation in England is getting worse and has risen steadily since 2010 – there are now 280,000 people recorded as homeless in England, of which more than 125,000 are children. In 2019 alone, over 40,000 households received advice from Shelter’s helpline and 4.3 million people visited Shelter’s online advice pages.’

The amount of money raised by Knightsbridge could help pay for legal advice for almost 100 families; advice that could help them keep their homes.

To support this campaign, Catherine will be running the 2020 London Marathon to raise money for Shelter. If you’d like to support her and make a donation, please visit her sponsorship page: uk.virginmoneygiving.com/CatherineConnolly4.

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