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Kings Cross Station switched to LEDVANCE High Bay luminaires in order to cut energy

PEW hears how Kings Cross Station switched to LEDVANCE High Bay luminaires in order to cut energy, maintenance and running costs.

LEDVANCE LED lighting solutions have been installed across platforms 1-8 at London’s historic Kings Cross Station in a move that will significantly reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption while future-proofing the building’s illumination systems.

The recently completed retrofit saw numerous traditional 400W metal halide lamps replaced with LEDVANCE High Bay DALI 115W 4000k luminaires with IP65 protection, fitted with high quality aluminium reflectors.

The Victorian building is considered to be a site of national significance and even small changes to its structure require planning authority approval. While looking the same as the old lights and providing the same amount of brightness – both essential requirements – the new LEDVANCE units use much less electricity and last far longer, providing a constant luminous flux across their five-year guaranteed lifespan.

Thanks to their DALI-2 certification, they can also be used with any lighting-control system that may be installed in the future at the station, another important consideration.

“The old lamps were failing frequently and changing them required specialist lift equipment which, for health and safety reasons, could only be used at certain times of the night when the concourse was empty,” said David Goddard, Head of Projects UK at LEDVANCE. “The station needed new luminaires that were far more reliable and energy efficient, but to keep in line with the original appearance of the building they had to look the same as the old lamps.”

LEDVANCE provided full support throughout the nine-month project, including a detailed lighting design, full technical advice and ongoing aftercare. “We visited the site numerous times to discuss what we were offering and provided samples of the product for approval,” continued David Goddard. “We’ve even supplied voltage meters so the customer can carry out tests on site in case of any issue. This was a very successful installation, and everyone is really pleased with the results.”

Over 160 High Bay DALI 155W, 4000K LEDs and reflectors have been installed across eight platforms at Kings Cross, providing energy savings of up to 60% compared to conventional high bay luminaires. LEDVANCE High Bay solutions are an ideal replacement for luminaires with mercury vapour or metal halide lamps as they offer the flexibility of being dimmable and can switch on and off instantly, allowing savings to be realised through daylight and occupancy-dependent operation.

This is ideal for warehouses, logistics halls and other industrial applications as well as high ceiling environments such as shopping malls, airports, transport stations and commercial buildings. In addition to the much lower energy consumption, LEDVANCE High Bay LEDs need replacing less frequently leading to maintenance cost savings.

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