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Introducing LINIAN’s latest innovation – the EARTH ROD PRO

At LINIAN, we believe that just because things ‘have always been done that way’ doesn’t mean they can’t be developed or improved. With our new EARTH ROD PRO, we intend to revolutionise the earth rod installation process – to make it faster, safer, simpler.

Following the success of LINIAN clips, together, our team of engineers and electricians identified earth rod installation as another key area which receives very little research and development exposure. We set about to fix a problem which others have taken for granted.

With the rise of new challenges like 5G, EV charging industry, Big Data installers are completing even more earth rod installations than ever before. However, this can be a laborious task, often involving a large hammer, a lot of effort, and hopefully a bit of luck.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We designed and developed a simple and effective solution which bores through hard top layers and underground rock to achieve a secure Earth Rod connection first time. This innovative, patented new solution offers installers confidence that they will be able to easily install the rod first time, and to the desired depth. No more trial and error!

How it works

The LINIAN EARTH ROD PRO has two components – a reusable DRIVER (SDS+ or MAX size), and a sacrificial tip BIT. Simply attach the EARTH ROD PRO – DRIVER to one end of a copper earth rod and attach the EARTH ROD PRO – BIT directly to the other end of the earth rod. Using an SDS Drill, the rod can then be rapidly installed directly into the ground. The carbide tipped BIT will chew through any rock and debris, remaining in the ground after installation.

See the video of the Earth Rod Pro in action here: https://youtu.be/JXgJOLBa7-g

All LINIAN products are manufactured in the UK with the best quality materials and rigorously tested to ensure they meet highest standards of safety and compliance.

The EARTH ROD PRO has been independently tested and unanimously approved by the LINIAN DRAGONS, an expert panel of industry leaders. The panel includes members of the e5 Group, senior project coordinators, engineers, and electrical educators. The LINIAN DRAGONS found the EARTH ROD PRO “very innovative”, “far easier” and “much faster than traditional methods”.

We are confident that users will agree.

After much secrecy and testing, we are delighted to finally be able to announce this revolutionary new solution to the public.

Try the EARTH ROD PRO now!

The EARTH ROD PRO is available now at wholesale stockists, online, and directly from LINIAN.


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