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Hikoki power tools | Cordless lighting

The newly launched cordless lighting range by HiKOKI Power Tools boasts a robust quality for construction work and applications.

All lights are covered by HiKOKI’s three year warranty and work with its 18V or MultiVolt batteries.

Firstly, the tripod LED Light has a hybrid function, allowing for corded or cordless use and produce up to 4000 Lumens. For maximum portability, use with a battery. Alternatively, plug it in for unlimited runtime. As it is IP55 rated, the light is protected against dust and water jets. The tripod is adjustable up to a 215cm height.

Designed for tough construction sites, the new construction light is dimmable with a runtime of 51 hours and can be suspended and fixed anywhere. Additionally, it has a 360° adjustable angle and can be mounted on a tripod.

Next, the new cordless construction light contains a maximum output of 4000 Lumens, with a 34 hour runtime on an 8.0Ah battery. It also features a spark protected lens and USB port. Rated IP65, this product has a hybrid power option, emitting a brighter 10,000 Lumens.

Included in the range, the cordless torchlight provides an adjustable angled head and a runtime of 63 hours with a 5.0Ah battery. The cordless lantern features a large hook for suspended lighting, a 360° lighting, and high lighting modes. Both products are ideal for inspection jobs.

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