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Growth in smart technology | Scolmore

With further growth forecast in the smart technology market, we hear from Scolmore on the devices that are likely to be in hot demand.

The 5th edition of the Home Automation Market Report – UK 2021-2025 is the latest market report from AMA Research, and it addresses the market for home automation products and systems, which has benefited in recent years from the continued growth in the spread of wireless and app-based technologies.

According to the report, the home automation market value increased by more than 46% between 2016 and 2019. However, this growth was disrupted during 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK. After 2020, the market is expected to hit double digit growth with a forecasted increase of approximately 47% by 2025. Performance holding up during the Covid-19 pandemic is largely attributed to growth in the lower end of the sector and strong growth in online retailing.

Home automation products have seen significant growth over the last decade, as housebuilders have started to embrace systems such as lighting and heating controls, with smart plugs also a growing sector. Governmental concern over energy efficiency resulted in policy addressing sustainability issues including the most recent “Future Homes Standard” proposal which had a positive impact on the demand for home automation products such as smart meters and smart grids. Smart heating and specialist systems account for 80% of the home automation market product mix with the remaining 20% for entry level/general.

A modular approach

The offering of modular systems which enable future expansion has also driven growth, and in addition, the development of systems aimed at self-installation has expanded significantly helping to substantially reduce costs and make systems more affordable to a wider market. Greater interest and purchase of home security systems and devices has been encouraged by the wider availability of smartphone app controlled devices that are now more affordable and enable greater monitoring and control of security devices: access, CCTV, motion and smoke, water detectors and other devices.

With the rapid increase of availability of home automation products, manufacturers are addressing this situation by making 2nd and 3rd generation devices with a broader range of connectivity options and protocols. Medium-term prospects for home automation remain positive.

Getting smarter

Renowned for its innovative and intuitive solutions in lighting and wiring accessories, Scolmore launched its Click Smart+ range to meet the growing demand from contractors and end users for smart products and solutions. The comprehensive range is available through the electrical wholesale channel and will assist installers looking to boost their business with an enhanced smart home offer that will deliver a complete connected home experience to householders.

Designed to simplify and streamline connected home products – lighting controls, smart sockets, security cameras and sensors – the Click Smart+ range utilises Zigbee technology – one of the most widely adopted smart home communication protocols. Zigbee certified devices require the Click Smart+ Hub and communicate with each other using a mesh network which creates multiple pathways for the connection of multiple smart home devices without compromising signal and communication range. A key benefit of Zigbee and the new Click Smart+ range is that there is no requirement for a signal repeater, as all wired Zigbee devices have repeaters built in.

Greater control

Click Smart+ has at its core accessibility and simplicity for the installer and end user and is designed to bring convenience, comfort, security, energy saving and ultimately more control in the home. Installation is simple and flexible, with no additional cables or wall cutting required, making it ideal for existing or newly constructed buildings.

The bespoke Click Smart+ App gives householders ultimate control of the smart devices, which can also be operated through voice control in conjunction with a smart speaker.

The Click Smart+ connected home products range currently comprises:

  • Smart Gateway Hub – the control centre which communicates with all other smart products within the home via the Zigbee Protocol. Even if the WIFI is interrupted, the smart devices will still be able to function normally.
  • 13A 1 and 2-gang switches socket outlets allow the control of any appliance that is plugged in – home appliances, lamps, heaters etc. They can be controlled manually, via the app, or with voice control.
  • 13A smart plug-in WiFi socket can be plugged into an existing socket outlet for the control of home appliances, lamps etc via the existing WIFI network, and can be controlled via the app.
  • Smart switching and dimming receivers provide full control of the lighting and appliances in the home from anywhere in the world.
  • Smart camera – for indoor use (IP20) – is compact and easy to install. It offers smart motion detection, automatic image capture and alarm functions.
  • PIR Sensor – for indoor use (IP20) – senses motion and will trigger an automated device set within the app.
  • Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor – for indoor use (IP20) – allows control of the temperature and humidity in a room.
  • Smart Window and Door Sensor – for indoor use (IP20) – provides real time monitoring of window and door status, sending a notification via the app whenever a door or window is opened or closed.

Scolmore has produced some CPD training, which is accessible on request and is aimed at wholesalers, contractors, and specifiers. It covers an overview of smart systems, the advantages, green credentials and details on communication protocols and mesh networks.

To view a series of ClickSmart+ ‘How To’ videos, click HERE

Full details of the new Click Smart+ range and its applications are available to view at: click-smart.com

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