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PEW talks to GreenBrook Electrical

Since its beginnings as a manufacturer of electromechanical relays, GreenBrook Electrical has transformed itself through product development, innovation and strategic acquisition. PEW spoke with Chris Major, Area Sales Manager, to find out more about its future plans.

How did you get into the industry and your current position?

I started in the industry at the age of 19 as a Buyer for WF Electrical without any prior experience within the Electrical Industry; this was some 31 years ago now. I worked my way through varying rolls from Trade Counter manager, External Sales Manager, through to Branch Manager. I finally decided that Manufacturing would be the natural progression for me and I joined GreenBrook Electrical as an Area Sales Manager three years ago and am enjoying great success here.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Across GreenBrook we have a wellestablished and varying range of products from Powerbreaker RCD Accessories through to Norslo Conduit Fittings. My biggest challenge so far has been working towards achieving brand recognition with our lighting ranges as it has not been something GreenBrook is notoriously recognised for.

The exciting and fastest growing product for us is our Fire Rated Downlight Range – called Vela. This rapid growth is due to reliability, quality of product and most importantly how great these look from the client’s point of view.

Once one of my customers has tried these – they will always buy again because they quickly gain the confidence that our products are well received by contractors. To this end – being members of the LIA and having third party testing undertaken on all our products means I am totally confident that there is no project too good for these fittings.

How do you feel the industry has changed in recent years?

From a wholesaler’s point of view – access to full specification information is much more easily accessible. On the GreenBrook website you can instantly download data sheets covering all the aspects of a product you could need, which is so helpful.

From a contracting point of view – I have been really pleased to see that safety both on site and in the work-place has grown over recent years, with “Zero Harm” on large construction sites becoming standard.

Our sales of RCD products has grown enormously due to changes in regulations and due to a better understanding of electrical safety and the addition of our 10ma range.

What do you consider GreenBrook’s unique selling points?

We are a very well-established manufacturer with the ability to adapt to industry changes very quickly, with regards to both our products and our commercial offers to wholesalers. We are also very strategic when working with profile stockists to support them with projects and ongoing sales of GreenBrook products.

I very often help with arranging how our products are displayed in-branch! Our large stock holding and next day delivery as standard helps a lot too.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

I see many changes to my role in the near future due to a more concentrated approach to contractor interaction and with all the new products that are being introduced. I strongly believe that working with both the Contractor and the Wholesaler will achieve the best results for all parties involved, as it helps us to direct the business to the to the Wholesalers that support us for a mutual benefit.

What is GreenBrook trying to achieve in the next few years?

Our business is going from strength to strength as we have an established team and a loyal customer base who trust our business ethic and the quality of our products. Our ongoing effort to support and listen to our customers in all aspects of their business can only assist in our success and we are looking forward to seeing where this will take us.

For more information about the products available from GreenBrook Electrical, visit: www.greenbrook.co.uk

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