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The EDA has announced that FEGIME UK has become a member of EDATA as of July 2021. It will use the industry data pool as a source of information for its new Product Information Management (PIM) System to drive its FEGIME digital initiative.

As one of the UK’s leading Independent Wholesaler Groups, FEGIME UK has a vision and a strategy to facilitate the digitalisation of its product information alongside traditional methods and to support the long-term sustainability of the supply chain.

Alan Reynolds, CEO of FEGIME UK, explains the background to the EDATA decision: “Our aim is to add value to our member and Preferred Supplier businesses by offering add-on services that meet the changing needs of the customers, differentiating them from internet companies and less agile wholesalers.

“FEGIME members will have the tools to be digitally enabled and have multi-channel businesses. One of these channels is our ever-popular product catalogue that is increasingly requested in digital format but which we must also supply in print. This channel requires high quality product data that is accurate and up to date. FEGIME has recently invested in the ePIM system, supplied by NG15, to enhance and store attributed product data, which will be utilised across all digital channels.

“We are impressed by the commitment of the EDATA team to provide quality product data and believe they are set to become one of the best sources of high-quality product data available on the market. We, as a group, will therefore use EDATA as a source of product data, rather than waste time and money chasing hundreds of suppliers to deliver data, in differing formats.

“A further consideration for us is our commitment to the sector. ETIM Classification of products will enable FEGIME to ensure we are ready for any legislative changes giving us the ability to use product attributes correctly and put our membership in the driving seat.

Margaret Fitzsimons, CEO of the Electrical Distributors’ Association (EDA) adds: “FEGIME’s decision to join EDATA is a big boost. The data pool already has 40 manufacturer members – with more in the pipeline – and all are working hard to get their data to the gold standard that we have set. It is not an easy task and they will be very heartened to know that their work will be put to excellent use to help drive FEGIME’s digital project.“

For more information, visit https://www.eda.org.uk/etim-edata/edata/

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