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ESP believes wholesalers are in a prime position to help drive up sales of higher specification systems

With the CCTV market continuing to show strong growth, ESP believes wholesalers are in a prime position to help drive up sales of higher specification systems for larger, commercial projects.

According to the Electronic Security Systems and Admission Control Market Report UK 2021-2025, from AMA Research, the market for electronic security products and services grew steadily between 2015 and 2019, before a sharp contraction in 2020 caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the construction sector and on economic activity more generally.

The report describes the UK electronic security market as mature, especially in the non-residential sector, in terms of the proportion of premises that have some form of security equipment installed. This means that demand for replacement and upgrades is the key feature of the market and accounts for the majority of end-user sales.

Technological developments have driven the replacement market, with heavy expenditure on R&D a key characteristic of the market.

Leading technological trends include improvements in image quality, thermal imaging, artificial intelligence (AI), deep-learning analytics for CCTV, cloud based solutions for video management systems, and facial recognition and other biometrics for access control.

The Covid-19 pandemic has generated further development of specific applications such as management of crowd density and touchless access control.

Specialist requirements

With CCTV accounting for the largest part of the electronic security sector, there is plenty of opportunity for wholesalers and contractors to take a share of this growing market. For many installers working within the electrical industry, and the wholesalers supplying them, CCTV will be seen as a security solution mainly for the domestic end of the market.

However, according to ESP, with the right knowledge of the products, solutions and support services available to satisfy larger, more complex projects, wholesalers are in a prime position to target those customers with more specialist requirements.

This is where it pays for wholesalers to partner up with a reputable supplier who can not only provide a comprehensive range of security solutions to cover a wide variety of project applications, but also has the expertise and experience in the planning, design and ongoing support that will reassure contractors that they will be providing the best possible security solution for their clients.

ESP has been supplying CCTV solutions for the professional installer market for over 25 years and continues to invest in the development of the range to make sure that contractors have access to systems that harness the latest technologies, are quick and easy to install and boast a raft of features and benefits. The latest development of the category saw the launch of the 24/7 Colour IP POE CCTV range, which takes the company’s CCTV offer to another level.

Night-time monitoring

When it comes to CCTV security, colour-related information can play a vital role in identifying the detail of activities, particularly in the hours of darkness. Conventional cameras with infrared lighting will only provide black and white images for night-time monitoring.

This can result in people or vehicles, for example, appearing blurred and blending into the background, making it difficult to discern crucial elements. Providing sharp detail, in colour, day or night, ESP’s 24/7 colour CCTV range is designed to offer superior, reliable and straightforward installation solutions for a range of applications from domestic through to larger and more complex commercial projects.

With a total of 12 cameras offering a choice of 2MP, 5MP and 8MP resolution options, as well as a broad range of 8MP NVRs consisting of 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 channel models, ESP really does have all size and range of security applications covered.

The cameras use low light image sensors, which are able to use background light to produce a colour image in reduced light environments.

If the background light is insufficient for the low light image sensors to produce a colour image, the white LEDs on the cameras have the facility to activate by virtual line crossing and permitter intrusion set by the user.

By providing 8MP recording, the NVRs offer support for high resolution cameras in record, playback and live view modes.

Best results on site

For these CCTV projects that require larger systems and specific cameras, ESP believes that pre-planning is vital and that producing and working to a professional design will mean the best possible system is specified to get the best results on site.

The design service is able to generate computer generated models of a system’s live view from the cameras, a useful tool to ensure a client will have a good understanding of the camera angles and views before committing to the system.

As well as providing computer generated previews from the camera locations, the service will provide recommendations for the total amount of cable required for installation, suitable hard drive capacity and will also highlight the record duration, resolution and ESP camera part number required – making specifying an installation simpler.

With access to a comprehensive range of CCTV systems as well as the support of a highly experienced technical team, contractors can also take advantage of ESP’s specialist design service.

A team of dedicated design engineers will work with professional installers to assist with specifying the right system for project-based applications.

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