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Electrification for the nation | Jordan Brompton

Record EV sales shows that the UK’s transition to electrification is accelerating at pace, but why does this present a growing opportunity for installers, and what can wholesalers do to help them? Jordan Brompton, co-founder of myenergi, tells us more.

According to the latest insight from Zap Map, there are now more than 38,000 public electric vehicle (EV) charging points in the UK across 23,066 locations – a 33% increase since February 2022.

When it comes to charging at home or at the workplace, estimates suggest that more than 400,000 chargers have already been installed to support the 700,000 Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) now on British roads.

However, with the 2030 ban on the sales of all new petrol and diesel cars rapidly approaching, demand for charging solutions continues to increase.

This, combined with legislation requiring every new build UK home with associated parking to have an EV chargepoint installed as standard, provides a significant opportunity for electrical installers.

Charging ahead

Domestic EV chargers are quickly becoming commonplace on UK driveways, as more households ditch their dirty diesel for cleaner, greener electric vehicles.

Although installations are currently only responsible for blocking out a small percentage of order books, this is changing fast. Strict regulations and the requirement for commissioning mean that DIY installation is not an option.

At myenergi, we’re best known for developing the world’s first solar-compatible EV charger, zappi, which can charge your EV either through mains electricity (with options to optimise around your tariff), or from 100% green energy generated from renewable devices.

With its user-friendly features and the ability to connect to the myenergi app, customers have full control over their charging experience.

Additionally, and most importantly from an installation perspective, zappi is one of the easiest devices on the market to fit thanks to PEN fault protection and no requirement for an earth rod, resulting in more efficient installations.

All of this makes zappi a hugely popular device. With the EV industry quickly moving past the early adoption stage, mass market consumers are waiting in the wings and installers need to be ready.

To support independents, myenergi operates an online platform to connect zappi customers with certified electrical installers across the UK.

The step-by-step solution takes the customer through the purchase process and connects them to their closest myenergi-approved independent – providing busy installers with hassle-free sales leads.

Embracing the future

As demand for EV charging increases, there is a clear and obvious opportunity for independent installers to embrace the future and get ahead of the competition.

For wholesalers, the challenge is about helping to educate installers about the size of the opportunity in front of them, as well as how best to embrace it.

Alongside an online knowledge bank, myenergi offers a range of informative videos, readily available on YouTube, which include product demonstrations and customer testimonials – perfect for use on websites, social media, or as part of point of sale displays.

As a pioneer of eco-smart home energy tech, myenergi’s innovative products naturally appeal to the consumer. However, with demand increasing rapidly, they also have great appeal for installers too. Indeed, installers benefit from free, comprehensive training and direct access to experienced technical support.

Countless zappi devices have already been installed worldwide, thanks to their unique design, performance and ease of installation. In 2023, zappi is on track to become the UK’s most popular home charge point, and to meet ever-increasing demand, increasing the number of installers we work with is critical.

Wholesalers have a vital role to play in guiding installers and supplying them with the information they need when fitting products, as well as guaranteeing access to the market’s most in-demand products.

For more information about myenergi, its solar-compatible zappi charger, or to enquire about becoming a registered installer, click here

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