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Electrical wholesaler characteristics to seek in an LED solutions supplier | PowerLed

Russell Parr, CEO at PowerLed, explains the characteristics electrical wholesalers should seek in an LED solutions supplier.

The task of sourcing the right LED lighting products has become increasingly difficult for electrical wholesalers. Not only are there more products available, but the pace of development means more advanced LEDs are constantly coming on the market. At the same time, customers are increasingly looking for specific solutions. With such challenges, procuring the right products depends on finding the right manufacturer.

A customer-first approach

With many businesses seeking application-specific lighting, electrical wholesalers are better positioned to serve those customers by working with an LED and power supply partner that puts the client’s needs at the centre of its operations. This means finding a supplier that develops tailored solutions to suit various spaces and applications and which meet benchmarks in safety, reliability and efficiency.

While a supplier’s mass production capabilities are vital to wholesalers wanting an uninterrupted supply chain, its expertise in power technology is crucial to ensure that the products are reliable, efficient and evolve over time to fulfil changing demands. A key indication of quality will be whether the supplier’s lighting solutions use best-in-class components, like cutting-edge LED driver technology and advanced chipsets, while offering 50,000-hour lifespans. They should also combine energy efficiency with resource optimisation, in line with the Energy-related Products (ErP) directive, to improve performance, meet environmental standards and offer better returns on investment.

Together with LEDs, electrical wholesalers will also require the supplier to offer top-quality power supplies, suitable for both internal and external environments. These should be CE-approved and certificated to meet UK, EU and international safety regulations, while providing compact designs, power factor correction, enhanced efficiency and durability. For reassurance, they should come with warranties of up to five years.

Excellent customer support

Choosing a supplier with a client-focused approach should also mean its products are backed by excellent customer service and support. With detailed technical information lacking for many lighting products available today, finding a supplier that provides expert advice and tailored technical design support can be invaluable for electrical wholesalers. This is especially the case, given that more end customers are seeking high-quality LED drivers and lighting solutions across the gamut of applications, from retail, industrial and residential to public, office and gallery.

Furthermore, as evolving LED technology continues to produce more light output per watt consumed, a supplier that uses lumens instead of watts as the primary metric for measuring luminosity can offer more accurate information about LED light quality and energy efficiency, helping buyers make smarter decisions.

An established supplier

With over 20 years’ experience, PowerLed is a trusted and expert supplier of lighting solutions. We have the know-how to help electrical wholesalers quickly and easily find best-in-class LED lighting and power solutions that are safe, reliable and cost-effective. Rather than just supplying out-of-the-box products, we combine the best components to produce complete, tailored solutions suited to both your needs and those of your customers. You’ll also find our solutions are backed by excellent customer support together with generous warranty periods or lifetime values.

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