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EDA Insight: Industrial strength training

The EDA’s Product Knowledge Modules help business like yours create cross-selling and up-selling opportunities by building knowledge and confidence. What’s more these training modules have recently won a Princess Royal Training Award 2022 so you can be assured of their value.

Industrial Controls is one of 12 training courses in the programme. The EDA modules are completely flexible and can be studied in any order or combination. You choose only the training your team needs.

Professional know-how to drive sales

Improving your team’s technical know-how through the EDA’s training could unlock additional revenue for your business.

The training in this module covers:

  • Switches and Indicators
  • Relays and Contactors
  • Fuses and Breakers
  • Motors and Motor Control
  • Power Supplies
  • Enclosures and Panel Layout
  • Programmable Control and Automation
  • Sensing and Instrumentation
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Trends in Industrial Controls

City & Guilds accredited, this training programme harnesses decades of combined expertise from product experts at EDA manufacturers and allied trade associations to create an accessible and practical training opportunity for you and your team.

EDA Product Knowledge modules are also approved for Continuing Professional Development by The CPD Certification Service.

Test your knowledge

Have a go at this quiz sampled from the Industrial Controls training module. Then check your answers below and if think you need to improve your team’s know-how so your business can boost sales, talk to the EDA today.

Q1: A keen gardener wants to water his plants in the greenhouse for a few minutes each morning and evening, even when he is away. His daughter is an electrician who has promised to fix it and he would like to buy something like his central heating control that has a clock. What do you recommend?

Q2: What’s the difference between a type B and type C MCB?

Q3: What does inrush mean when applied to motor control circuits?

Q4: When selecting a DC power supply what are the important things to specify?

Q5: A customer asks for cable glands for a junction box. All they tell you is the cable size. Do you need to know anything else?

Q6: What is Modbus?

(scroll down for answers)




















Q1: A multipurpose timer relay should be suitable, ideally one similar to a heating control unit as the customer is already familiar with how these work.

Q2: A type C device allows for greater inrush currents.

Q3: Inrush is the initial larger current that flows in a circuit when it is first turned on.

Q4: The supply voltage, the output voltage, and the output current rating.

Q5: To supply suitable glands the type of cable should be ascertained.

Q6: Modbus is an interface protocol that allows PLCs to communicate with each other as well as with devices should as computers.

How did you do?

Full marks: Well done!

3 – 5 out of 6: Good attempt. Could the EDA training help you to fill in any gaps in your knowledge?

Less than 3: the EDA Product Knowledge Programme could be just what you need to boost sales.

Download the Course Directory 

There’s plenty of information available at www.eda.org.uk including a downloadable Course Directory, giving you a summary of what’s covered in every one of the 12 training modules.

Download the course directory here

The EDA team is ready to help. Call 020 3141 7350 or email training@eda.org.uk

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