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Eco-logical – the green products that make sense for your business!

In this upside down world it is difficult to think about going ahead with business as usual, but we are all trying our best to get through and offer the best service possible. Here, we look at some of the products and solutions wholesalers are providing to customers to help end users reduce their carbon footprint and save money at the same time.   

PEW spoke with two wholesalers, Rexel and multi-branch independent, LEW Electrical Distributors to get insight into their environmental strategy that offers green products that minimise the impact on the environment and the wallet of the end user! Keeping costs down is important now more than ever, and coupled with their green credentials, these products offer a timely solution.

Rexel has been exploring the latest smart technology to offer smart solutions for the energy-conscious homeowner. Amongst the options stocked for its customers include: 

Google Nest

A truly intelligent product, the Nest will learn to program itself after just a week’s use based on the user’s preferences and how rapidly the home heats and cools – and will automatically help to save energy when the homeowner is away.

It is controllable remotely, with home and water temperature quickly and easily adjustable via Google Assistant on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

The Energy History feature shows exactly how much energy has been used each day, with a monthly Home Report providing complete details on consumption – perfect for the owner seeking a more sustainable lifestyle. Users are rewarded with an on-screen Leaf when they adjust the temperature to save energy.

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Ingenium RDW Radiator range

The Elnur Ingenium RDW range of digitally programmable electric radiators showcases a completely new technology in the form of the G Control system, allowing users to control their heating from any mobile or fixed device with an Internet connection.

The range features a high-precision (±0.10°C) adjustable digital thermostat in a slim and attractive radiator design, just 8cm deep.

Users can access appliances, change their settings, raise or lower the temperature set-point and control their electricity consumption in real time, via a free app.

Available in six sizes, the range also has open window detection and adaptive start control to help further reduce energy consumption.

The system can be configured manually or automatically as preferred and features an individual daily and weekly programmer and a display showing the set-point temperature. Users can select from three temperature levels: Comfort, Economy and Frost Protection.

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The Lightwave range enables complete oversight of every domestic light and electrical appliance and saves energy too – giving the user a complete, stylish and affordable smart home.

The home automation feature can program schedules for lights to activate at certain times, while two-way communication allows the user to instantly see the state of each Smart Series Dimmer.

The Lightwave Link Plus Smart Series Hub can be connected to a wireless router, with the Lightwave app then used to control an entire home. 

Compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Homekit, it offers almost unlimited options for the user.

Completing the range is The Lightwave Smart Series 2 Gang Socket – with two colour options which allows control of appliances from anywhere, at home or remotely. When paired with the Link Plus, the Lightwave app can be used to control it and monitor energy consumption too.

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LEW has expanded its smart range with its latest Vent-Axia smart fan – the PureAir Sense, providing a greener, award -winning solution. Smart ventilation is a recent addition to LEW Electrical Distributors’ range of smart products and home automation.

The fan comes with built-in humidity controls, PIR sensors and Vent-Axia’s own odour sensing technology. The low power consumption of only 2-5W means energy bills can be reduced and there is minimal energy consumption.

The PureAir Sense fan is supported by the purpose-built Vent-Axia Connect app which is available free from the AppStore and GooglePlay. Vent-Axia Connect can be used by the electrician to easily configure the fan whilst installing and then by the homeowner to control humidity, fan-speed and PIR settings.

For the eco-conscious homeowner, the PureAir Sense is the smart, greener solution for ventilation. It’s built-in features for odour-sensing, humidity controls and it’s LED touch panel earned recognition at the 2019 Reddot Design Awards 2019 for outstanding innovation and design quality.

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