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Clips galore with LINIAN

The team at LINIAN tell us about its three ranges of clips.

LINIAN has taken time to develop and enhance their original range of single component fixings to enable you to use them across a more comprehensive range of applications and not just for fire alarm cabling.

The three ranges, including FireClips, SuperClips and T&E Clips can now assist you with the installation of even more cable types, including SWA and twin and CPC cabling, conduits and PVC trunking to give an enviable and aesthetically pleasing finish achieved in just three easy steps directly to the substrate.

The rigorous testing process ensures the safest products on the market. Just ask for your copy today. The streamlined product range has a whole host of alternative uses and are suitable for use in all substrates.

For more information on LINIAN and their products click here.

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