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Chauvin Arnoux’s power energy loggers

Ideally suited for applications in the domestic and commercial sectors, the new PEL50 range of power energy loggers (PELs) from Chauvin Arnoux combine a compact handheld design with ease of use and a full range of measuring and monitoring functions.

These innovative instruments also make it easy for users to discriminate between loads in an installation, and thereby determine energy consumption on load-by-load basis.

There are currently two models in the range: the PEL51 is suitable for making measurements on one single-phase channel, while the PEL52 can make simultaneous measurements on two single-phase channels, or on one split-phase channel. Both instruments incorporate a large easy-to-read backlit display, and both feature a magnetised back so that they can be temporarily held in place on any steel surface such as an enclosure wall or door.

In most applications, it is unnecessary to turn off the mains supply when connecting the instruments, which are compatible with a large number of Chauvin Arnoux AC current clamps. When used with the new MINI94 clamp (accuracy class 0.2), the PEL51 and PEL52 offer excellent accuracy for measurements that include active and reactive power, distortion power, apparent power and all related energy measurements, as well as power factor.

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