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Carhartt’s New S3 Belmont Safety Boot

Sturdy, Safe and with All-day Comfort for Hard Working Feet: Carhartt’s new S3 Belmont Safety Boot

Step boldly onto the construction site with Carhartt’s new addition to its workwear range: the Belmont S3L safety boot (400018) that protects against extreme temperatures, sharp objects and wet conditions, all while keeping your feet comfy from clock-in to clock-out.

These boots have a lightweight aluminium toe cap that’s a shield against up to 200 joules and a removeable energy-absorbing heel in-sock that battles odour and absorbs moisture. A lightweight stability shank nestled between layers of the boot, bolsters underfoot protection, helps keep the boot’s shape, supports your arches and distributes weight evenly to reduce fatigue.

Oil resistant, anti-static and heat resistant to 300°C, these boots also have an anti-penetration compressed textile plate for light weight protection in the sole. Made of water-resistant treated suede leather and textile upper, they are ideal for dry and light rain conditions.

These boots are also great to wear in your down time and Carhartt has designed its safety boots to accommodate the natural swell of feet throughout the day, meaning these boots are roomy for unparalleled comfort. Available in black and Carhartt brown, they are also infused with Carhartt’s Rugged Flex™ technology for a resilient yet flexible feel, giving you freedom to move where it counts.

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