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C-TEC CAST XFP addressable fire alarm system specified for a high-tech logistics site

C-TEC’s innovative CAST XFP addressable fire alarm system has been specified for a high-tech logistics site in County Durham.

Established in 1954, Stiller Warehousing & Distribution is one of the UK’s leading specialists in the storage and distribution of palletised goods with a turnover of £14M. The purchase of a new 94,000 sq ft site to accommodate existing client growth led to the company approaching Key Security Group to design, supply and install a fire system to meet the site’s specific requirements. However, due to a major order and a delivery that would fill up the entire warehouse, the installation had to be completed within two weeks.

Tony Leck, Key Security’s Head of Systems, comments: “The tight two-week timescale presented a big commitment due to the sheer size of the building. As a swift installation was required, we specified C-TEC’s robust and easy-to-install CAST addressable system. With a short-circuit loop isolator in each device to simplify fault-finding, multi-level addressing for easy device addition and two speedy programming options, we were confident CAST could be installed quickly and meet the requirements for a first class intelligent fire system for the site.”

In a project undertaken by Key Security’s own specialist fire engineers and managed by Tony Leck, a 2-loop, 32-zone CAST addressable fire panel connected to over 500 CAST detectors, sounder VADs and multi-sensors was installed. Third-party manufactured beam detectors were also interfaced to the system via CAST input output units to cover the vast warehouse space. The system was then commissioned by Key, all within the two-week deadline.

Tony adds: “C-TEC’s CAST system is very intuitive, easy-to-install and proved ideal for this time-tight installation. C-TEC also offers a fantastic technical support service and is always available to answer any questions which is great when you are on site. CAST is a powerful, high-quality fire system and definitely our system of choice for future projects.”


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