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C.K tools | Lighting range

C.K Tools’ all-new lighting range shines bright with six IP rated products designed to tackle a multitude of situations for trade professionals, industrial workers and keen DIYers.

Three new inspections lights boast robust, durable bodies, supreme battery life, the latest charging technology and ultimate flexibility whether held, magnetised or hooked to an object, or standing tall on a swivel base.

Two new site lights join the top-flight of worksite lighting options, with the T9740 capable of 5000lm, and the T9741 reaching a spectacular 10,000lm. These waterproof, dustproof lights are built for maximum durability in the toughest of environments and will flood any area with light. With battery life reaching up to 120 minutes and colour rendering index to ensure ultimate safety when working with coloured electrical wire, C.K Tools’ new site lights are soon-to-be essential for safe, hardworking jobsites.

Finally, C.K Tools’ new T9429USB Neck Light is a game-changing piece of kit for close work. A steadier alternative to a head light, the Neck Light cradles the neck with an ergonomic comfort band and drapes lightly over the shoulders using multi-angle adjustable arms that bend into a secure position. On each arm is a torch and a mode selection switch, allowing varying options for different scenarios. On the back of the comfort band, a tripod mount point and two magnets turn the Neck Light into a multi-use product, making it an ideal piece of kit for a range of scenarios. The C.K Tools Neck Light is a lightweight tool that allows freedom of movement, ultimate convenience, and steady, targeted lighting without placing undue pressure and weight on the head and neck.

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