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A new range of sawing products from C.K Tools is now available.

Developed in collaboration with a panel of tradesmen, all four products promise durability, ease of use and superior quality.

An all-new Hacksaw leads the pack, with a quick-change function for easy, convenient, safe blade changes on the job, thanks to a fast-release mechanism above the handle. Built to last, the Hacksaw boasts a balanced and durable aluminium frame, pressure adjustment dial, a 55-degree mounting point for flush cuts, as well as ergonomically designed rubber grips on both front and rear handles.

The Technicians Hacksaw, meanwhile, offers a tactile, polymer coated frame for greater impact resistance when on the go. With a handy, lockable storage compartment built into its frame, a spare blade is never far away. This model also includes rubber grips on front and read handles, a 55-degree mounting point for flush cuts against flat walls, a pressure adjustment dial and a 300mm 24TPI bi-metal blade.

Ideal for roofers and solar installers, the Slate Ripping Saw gets underneath a roof tile to cut the nail pinning it down. This means that roof slates can be removed quickly, easily, and without damage to the tile itself – a common problem when working with roof slates.

Devised to minimise bulk in the tool bag, the Sabretooth Two-Sided Plasterboard Saw is a multi-use tool is ideal for both rough and fine work with plasterboard. On one side is a 7TPI blade with triple ground teeth, designed for quickly sawing through plasterboard. On the other is a 12TPI blade with fine cut teeth, and a sharp, precise tip, all configured for detail and fine work, such as correcting or installing electrical features after plasterwork has been completed.

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